Charming Designs Incorporating Your Favorite Creatures

We at Takayas Custom Jewelry believe in telling a story through each wonderful custom piece that we craft. Throughout his journey as a jeweler, Takayas has crafted many unique designs incorporating all sorts of creatures big and small. The designs he creates take into account the stories our jewelry loving friends share with us. Today we highlight some of those designs that incorporate animals, whether real or fantastical, that hold value or meaning to our dear friends! Latvian Turtle Inspired Engagement Ring Based on Christopher’s request, we crafted a gorgeous three stone engagement ring that showcases both Liene’s heritage and her love for turtles. At the focal point of their custom piece is an adorably detailed design of Liene’s beloved pet turtle! Set as its shell is an absolutely stunning oval-cut diamond accompanied by two radiant rubies. Nogitsune Inspired Engagement Ring As vibrant as Brian and Carrie’s smiles is a garnet center stone that is guarded on either side by two mystical Nogitsune! This piece was created to celebrate fourteen years of Brian and Carrie’s love inspired by Carrie’s love of Japanese culture. The Nogitsune’s clever faces are meticulously drawn with intricate patterns from traditional Japanese fox masks. Each fox spirit sports seven lush tails, to represent the beautiful fourteen years our dear friends have spent together. An Engagement Ring for the Dolphin Queen As a young student, Takayas was enchanted by the sight of playful dolphins as he strolled along the coast of Laguna Beach. That magical moment brought life to our dolphin themed wedding ring collection. In their search for the perfect engagement ring, Christina and Thomas found Takayas Custom Jewelry! Christina has adored dolphins ever since she was a little girl, and our dolphin themed design was simply perfect for the dolphin-loving queen. If you would like to create your own custom jewelry piece incorporating your favorite creatures and memories, let Takayas Custom Jewelry help you design the perfect piece! Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.