Cave Story Iron Bond Inspired Engagement Ring

We received joyous news last month that our friend Patrick proposed to his high school sweetheart. Close friends accompanied the dapper couple and helped them document the beach proposal.

When Patrick first reached out to us, he envisioned a ring imbued with the spirit of Cave Story, a renowned Japanese indie freeware game. The couple started playing together in their tender teenage years. Patrick heard of Takayas through a friend who commissioned a bespoke ring by him. So many of our clients come by word of mouth. It always warms our hearts when we receive an enthusiastic referral. After receiving Patrick's commission, Takayas deeply considered his carefully curated inspiration images, sketches, and thoughtful notes for the engagement ring. Straightaway, Takayas knew two things were for sure – the ring needed to be inspired by Cave Story’s Iron Bond and the Tow Rope. As the canvas for the Cave Story-inspired engagement ring, Patrick chose luxurious platinum. To begin, Takayas set a sparkling heart-cut center stone highlighting the center of the Iron Bond. The cubical centerpiece - the key item required to save Curly Brace - marks the focal point of the design. The decisive item arches at the bottom to create a comfortable fit for Patrick’s partner to wear. Next, Takayas sculpted a shank inspired by the Tow Rope that is used to tie Curly Brace close to Quote. Textured with fine curves, the design resembles the shape of a rope and hooks, one that is used for robots in particular. Finally, hidden underneath its iridescent heart is an extra special touch that Takayas is well-known for – an under gallery design. As there are a few iterations of the remarkable Iron Bond badge, Takayas masterfully engraved another design inspired by its image onto the under gallery of the beautiful betrothal ring. With the Tow Rope securely attached to the sides of the Iron Bond, Patrick’s unbreakable tie and inseparable love for his partner are symbolized elegantly by this art of metal and gemstone.

With heartfelt appreciation, we congratulate Patrick and his partner for their engagement. We hope they enjoy every moment of this special time! 


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