Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Engagement Ring

From the tranquil gardens of Kyoto to the minimalist interiors of Tokyo’s contemporary architecture, the Japanese approach to design speaks volumes about elegance in simplicity. Imagine blending this serene aesthetic with the whimsical charm of Cardcaptor Sakura, the beloved anime series that captures the essence of joy and wonder. This blog post is a special commission by Brandon for his beloved partner, a connoisseur of clean minimalist Japanese aesthetics and an admirer of the enchanting world of Cardcaptor Sakura. Brandon’s jewelry journey with Takayas began with the quest for the perfect diamond for his engagement ring. He was clear that he wanted something to mirror his girlfriend’s appreciation for minimalist elegance where exceptional quality speaks volumes in its simplicity. Takayas searched high and low for a round brilliant diamond that would shine with unparalleled cut, clarity, and color. Takayas placed the carefully chosen prodigious diamond in a striking setting that featured two talon-like prongs to secure the gem on one side while a diamond-accented cherry blossom flower embraced it on the other. Takayas comes from a long line of Ikebana Japanese flower arrangement masters giving him a unique perspective on jewelry design. He chose to use a single cherry blossom rather than multiple flowers since Japanese flower design often embraces asymmetry as well as the beauty of negative space or what is not there. By using one bloom it gives the ring a uniquely Japanese aesthetic. The side galleries feature a design inspired by the iconic Clow staff with its signature adorable bird head. As a sweet nod to Brandon’s girlfriend’s adoration for Cardcaptor Sakura, it is portrayed in rose gold and adorned with rubies, a playful yet elegant touch. While ornate designs certainly have their allure, there’s a timeless beauty to be found in simplicity. Just as a haiku captures the essence of a moment with brevity, Takayas’ minimalist design conveys profound emotion in understated grace.

With his bespoke engagement ring, Brandon fittingly proposed on a trip to Japan. Now officially engaged, the couple begins a new chapter filled with love and adventure. As they embark on their journey toward marriage, Brandon and his fiancée honor Takayas once again, entrusting him with the creation of their wedding bands. We’ll be sure to update our blog with these special rings once they are completed and the couple ties the knot.

We’d like to thank Brandon for going on this jewelry journey with us. May your love continue to bloom just like the cherry blossom flowers of Japan, filling your lives with joy, wonder, and countless cherished moments.


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