Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Engagement Ring

Word of mouth is how many of our clients hear about Takayas, and we were delighted to hear from Aaron in Singapore who learned about Takayas’ well-regarded craftmanship from a friend. Aaron envisioned a ring inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura for his girlfriend Angie with the intention of proposing in Japan. Knowing the importance that Cardcaptor Sakura held in Angie’s heart, Takayas strove to create a bespoke engagement ring that would pay homage to the beloved series that was such a great part of her childhood, while including her own sweet personal style. Takayas drew inspiration from Sakura's iconic Star Wand, along with Angie's favorite outfit, her Platinum Star Dress. The crest of Sakura's Star Wand forms the ring's centerpiece, with a star-shaped setting holding a brilliant bubble gum pink sapphire. Pink sapphire accent stones flank the magnificent center gem. Cradling the centerpiece underneath, Sakura's angelic fluffy wings swoop gently across the top of the ring, adorned with an additional line of glittering pink and purple sapphires. To reflect the swirling ribbons of Sakura's Platinum Star Dress, Takayas created the engagement ring with a split shank. "Tied" in the middle like an adorable bow, the two twirling shanks form an open space underneath the centerpiece, creating the perfect place for Takayas to add another lovely design element. Reaching across the ring's side gallery, a single, beautiful star continues the celestial themes with another pink sapphire accent stone shining in its center.

While Aaron couldn’t propose to Angie in Japan as planned due to the pandemic, he came up with another romantic venue for his proposal. Under the guise of a birthday party, he invited their closest friends for a surprise proposal at the same theatre where they commenced their journey together as a couple almost a decade earlier. What a romantic and memorable way to propose! Congratulations, Aaron and Angie, on your precious union! Here's to an exciting and loving future together! 


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