Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Engagement Ring

Although autumn may have long settled down upon our studio, the warmth of spring is still on our minds here at Takayas Custom Jewelry. Watching fallen leaves dance upon the breeze, it seems like magic just might be on the horizon... perhaps it's even a herald of a certain master of the Clow on her way to pay us a visit? Earlier this year, we had the honor of crafting an incredible custom engagement ring for a wonderful friend of ours inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura - one of the most famed magical girl series ever made!


Takayas fashioned this dazzling custom engagement ring in sleek white gold, knowing that the bold statement made by a unique Cardcaptor Sakura themed design would pair beautifully with the elegance of a classic white band. An open cherry blossom serves as the ring's spectacular centerpiece, framing a sparkling garnet centerpiece that seems to truly glow from within! Across the ring's shoulders, Sakura's iconic angel wings spread wide, making the sweet inspiration behind our friend’s special piece instantly recognizable to anyone who holds CLAMP close to their heart.


On either side of the shank, different motifs represent the two sides of Sakura. One side, lined with delicately sculpted cherry blossom petals, references her life as a normal student; the other swirls with Art Nouveau-style ribbons that hint at her secret identity as a magical girl. To further elevate the ring's enchanting style, Takayas also placed three sparkling garnet accent stones on each shoulder, adding a delightful pop of color our friend would be sure to love!

And love it he did. Our friend and his partner were both totally blown away by the design Takayas created for their one-of-a-kind project! "According to my girlfriend, she got so excited that she scared her co-worker when I sent her the renders,” he went on to say. That sounds like a sign of approval to us! He himself was even more ecstatic when it finally arrived at his door: "I just received the ring and it looks absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for all your hard work in delivering us this gorgeous ring."

We want to express our own deepest gratitude to you, dear friend! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to design a stunning engagement ring inspired by the adorable heroine who captures cards - and the amazing partner in your life who's captured your heart. We wish you both a lifetime of love and harmony, celebrating a relationship that blooms like a cherry blossom in spring!

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