Biomechanical Hextech Rammus Inspired Engagement Ring

Bending and twisting, intertwining into a surreal form of art are mechanical elements infused with organic elements. Ernest, who was a fan of Takayas Custom Jewelry’s H.R. Giger inspired designs, reached out and asked us to craft an amazing custom engagement ring for his partner, Wendy. He wanted something that would remind her of their lifestyle and the happiness they share – a special design created just for her incorporating her favorite Hextech character from League of Legends in a curving style reminiscent of H.R. Giger’s biomechanical dreamscape. Elegantly framed by rosy metalwork is a gorgeous purple sapphire! Ernest and Wendy’s engagement ring features a unique setting for their violet centerpiece, encircled by a dazzling halo with finely placed small purple sapphires and diamonds. Embellishing the shoulders of this marvelous engagement ring and along its white gold foundation are rose gold frames that bend and curve in an engaging movement that resembles H.R. Giger’s biomechanical art style.

Adorning the intricate metalwork are veins of brilliant diamonds adding an air of elegance and sophistication to their ring’s design. Upon the ring’s side gallery are subtle tributes to Wendy’s favorite Hextech Rammus. Takayas crafted a softened version of the Rammus’ “ears” into the tentacle-like frames to ensure it seamlessly blends together with the design’s overall organic look and placed striking accent diamonds to tie together their dreamscape design.

“I am beyond speechless, this is better than I could have imagined.” Ernest shared after reviewing the renders we shared, “You have outdone yourselves. I have now shown the concept to her mother and father. They both agree it is perfect and represents her well.” We were so elated to receive positive reactions from Ernest and his soon-to-be in-laws. Ernest also recently shared with us some pictures of the happy moment between him and his now-fiancée!

Thank you, Ernest, and congratulations on your engagement! We are so glad to have been able to help you craft a custom engagement ring that resonates with you and Wendy. May you both be graced by many great blessings and an eternity of love! 


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