Beyond by Takayas: Sculptural Collection

The Sculptural jewelry collection from Beyond by Takayas celebrates the innovative power of our culture's greatest artistic movements, striving to make history in the world of jewelry design.

Stunning feats and fashions of artistic eras, especially in architecture, have influenced the ideas, values, and emotions of our lives. Inspired by iconic movements such as Art Nouveau and Futurism, the Sculptural collection creates a space for style to experiment without limitations. Forward-thinking couples can showcase the evolution of their love with a truly original engagement ring.


The collection's awe-inspiring, modern forms are made possible through cutting-edge design technology. Computer-aided design and 3D printing create daring pieces that defy conventional notions about what jewelry can be. Split shanks, compelling negative space, sleek silhouettes, and more reflect the latest stage of design.


Herald a style revolution with the Sculptural collection. Shop the collection now, and get ready to go beyond.