Beyond by Takayas: DNA Collection

Beyond by Takayas' DNA jewelry collection celebrates the uniqueness of you. The molecule of life is brought inside out, evolving into stunning ring designs that symbolize the mysterious and beautiful forces that create who you are.


Carefully sculpted in luxurious 18K white, yellow, or rose gold, the design's double helix spirals in an elegant, organic shape. The sugar-phosphate backbone twirls around your finger, connected by base pairs that wind like the rungs of a ladder. With a gently tapered bottom to ensure a comfortable fit, your DNA ring feels like it's been part of you forever.

For science-loving couples, a pair of Beyond's DNA rings also give you a new way to share the entirety of who you are. The miraculous story of being born, living life, and then meeting the person you love is commemorated in precious metals. Your double helix can uphold a dazzling center stone for an engagement ring style, or even be encrusted with lines of precious accent stones.


Even the discovery of DNA itself was at one point a bold proclamation. Beyond's design philosophy honors the groundbreaking tradition of scientific innovation, bringing together technology and fine jewelry to reframe the way we think about artistic design.

Create a DNA ring that truly represents your life - and get ready to go Beyond.