Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Inspired Engagement Ring

For John’s partner who enjoys gothic alternative fashion with a love for the color red, Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted a beautiful custom engagement ring inspired by her favorite series, Berserk. Both John and his partner felt a special connection to the dark fantasy series, relating closely to how Guts perseveres through all the trials and tribulations he faces. The epic series authored by the late Kentaro Miura is widely acclaimed for his detailed work, incredible storytelling, and dark setting. It was a wonderful honor for us to be able to craft a design inspired by his work for John and his partner who cherish the meaningful messages that were delivered through such a dynamic narrative. John’s unique Berserk inspired ring features a beautiful ruby at its focal point, with a deep red that resembles the Crimson Behelit. Marking the shoulders of his ring on either side of the scarlet centerpiece is the Brand of Sacrifice, illustrating the struggles that John and his partner shouldered and connected through in their relationship. As a nod to the themes of Berserk, the side profiles of the engagement ring along with each branding are adorned with compelling black diamonds, reminiscent of Guts’ title as the renowned Black Swordsman! Showcasing how though caught in a constant stream of struggles and challenges, Guts continues to climb and push back. Facing everything head-on, he continues to rise again and again, hoping for better days. The custom ring Takayas designed and crafted for John and his now-fiancée shall be emblematic of how no matter how difficult things may be, they will never fail to support and carry one another through it all with a burning desire to move forward! When shown the renders of the design Takayas created for him, John replied, “Just wanted to let you guys know I absolutely love it. You guys really captured the feelings and idea that I mentioned. It looks amazing.” And when he finally received the actual ring brought to life, “I was absolutely amazed when I opened the box. It’s so beautiful. I cannot wait to propose with it in a few months! Thank you so much.”

It was so wonderful for us to be able to work with John on his custom project. A few months after we sent him his ring, we followed up for an update. On a lovely night in Paris, he popped the question to his partner during a romantic Ferris wheel ride! Thank you, John, for giving us the opportunity to craft a beautiful design inspired by the amazing work of Miura. May you and your partner be blessed with great love and happiness! 


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