Beauty and the Beast Inspired Ring (With a Surprise Kingdom Hearts Detail!)

Like most modern brides and grooms-to-be, Alex and his partner grew up in a world dripping in animation. When the live action Beauty and the Beast film came to be in 2017, that unrelenting magic only resurfaced. Beauty and the Beast has a special place in the hearts of many, and for good reason. ‘A Tale as Old as Time,’ there’s nothing quite as romantic as finding your place in the world in the least likely of locations. The idea of falling in love with the human inside rather than what’s displayed on the surface, and risking all odds to be together, resonates just as much today as it did then.

Design by Takayas Custom Jewelry

There’s an unspoken formula that never fails, and it’s this: one film, and all it contents, is only strengthened by the other. Think Cinderella and Belle, Ursula and Cruella Deville; simply, the more the merrier. So, when Alex decided to add a Kingdom Hearts detail in the form of a split Paopu fruit to his Takayas Custom Jewelry engagement ring, it became the perfect combination. Takayas first began with the Beauty and the Beast inspirations. Takayas replicated Cogsworth’s memorable shoulders on either side of the center stone, while the pattern of the Beast’s iconic garbs sit just below it. Mrs. Potts’ intricate design wraps around the middle of the shank and is finished with a rich Blue Topaz, one of Alex’s partner's favorite colors. Takayas completed the ring by laser engraving a Paopu fruit split in half under the ring’s gallery; a small source of magic for Alex’s partner to wear with her always.

Her response? “She absolutely loved it!” says Alex, who also kindly shared his reaction to the Takayas Custom Jewelry process. He shared, “It was great! I loved being a part of the creation of the ring! It really makes the ring feel a lot more special.” A huge thank you to Alex, whom it was an honor to work with, and congratulations! See more of Alex and his partner’s gorgeous engagement shots below.

Design by Takayas Mizuno of Takayas Custom Jewelry Custom Beauty and the Beast Engagement Ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry

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