Battletech, Butterfly, & Dragon Inspired Memorial Ring With Matching Jacket Enhancers

Mattonna came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a unique piece of jewelry - a mother's ring, a memorial type of ring that represents the family a mother holds dear. " We wanted a Mother's ring that would express who she is as a mom and show the things that are most important and valuable to her," the family said. On top of a unique type of ring, Mattonna also wanted to craft her ring in a unique style, choosing a simple engagement-style ring which would be embellished with a matching jacket enhancer. When every family is so diverse, how better to show all the things that make your family special than with a fully custom piece of jewelry?

Takayas fashioned the center ring out of sterling silver, creating a handsome engagement-style band to represent Mattonna's husband, Justin. Justin is a huge fan of the turn-based strategy video game Battletech, and particularly House Davion. The noble family's sword wraps around the band, its blade comprised of a chain of white sapphires that pierce through a blazing sunburst - a beautiful citrine, which is also Justin's birthstone.


Mattonna's children, Darian and Mykala, are represented on the jacket enhancer. "Our son loves dinosaurs and dragons, so we chose a dragon to represent him," the family said. On the top half of the jacket enhancer, Darian's dragon peers inquisitively up at you through gleaming eyes made of his birthstone, blue topaz. His arm wraps protectively around one end of the shank, while his tail trails along the other - culminating in a half-finned tip, reflecting one particular dragon you may know as Toothless from the How to Train Your Dragon series.

For Mykala's half of the jacket enhancer, Takayas molded the shank into two triangular shapes that hug the wearer's finger, accented with an adorable butterfly glittering with pink tourmaline, her birthstone. "Our daughter is a social butterfly, so we wanted a butterfly to represent her personality." Interspersed between the tourmaline stones are little raised dots of silver, giving the butterfly a spotted appearance.


Even though she's a busy mom who works and volunteers on top of raising her two little ones, Mattonna now can always keep her family near, commemorated forever in a beautiful ring that is entirely her own. "This is the most amazing mother's ring and it is truly representative of the family. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for that something special to really show who you are and what you love."

Thank you for choosing Takayas Custom Jewelry to work with you on creating such a beautiful and personal mother's ring, Mattonna. We hope you and your family have many years of joy and love to come!

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