Avian Angel Beats & Magic: The Gathering Inspired Wedding Band

This week we feature the first part of a couple’s love story who found they shared a love of anime and gaming while in medical school. The trials and tribulations BZ & KJ faced in the games they enjoyed playing often mirrored their struggles as they persevered to achieve their dreams of becoming physicians. After five years of supporting one another, they decided to make it official – they would become each other’s one and only forever. And so, they commissioned Takayas to create unique rings that symbolized themselves as individuals, but also their perfect union. For BZ’s ring, Takayas featured a verdant emerald at the center of a shimmering white gold band. Mindful of BZ’s love for birds, owls specifically, Takayas featured the bird of the night’s distinct alert eyes capable of sharp focus, to be sure, an important characteristic for someone in BZ’s profession. Down the shank, Takayas designed graceful filigree that forms wings that morph into an abstract musical composition. The sweeping design serves to represent meaningful elements taken from BZ’s favorite anime Angel Beats as well as representing his musical talent on the piano. Takayas engraved the icon of the green mana from Magic: the Gathering into the under-gallery of BZ’s ring. Represented by a tree, it is said it seeks growth through wisdom, an apropos embodiment of BZ’s temperament and character. This discreet design element hidden within the ring was mirrored in his partner’s KJ’s ring . . . more on that coming next week.

Thank you KJ and BZ for allowing us to create this piece of a pair of soulmate rings! Takayas took much pleasure in interpreting BZ's attributes into a tangible representation of his union with KJ. Stay tuned until next week when we take a look at KJ’s ring and her custom Takayas journey. 


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