Articuno Pokémon Inspired Wedding Band with Classic Style

One of the many great joys of creating custom jewelry is that we meet people from all over the world. Takayas was delighted to hear from Elaine and Remco who hail from The Netherlands. They sought to commission a custom Articuno wedding band for Remco that would capture his classic and elegant style while featuring the majestic creature that they both adore. So, with visions of tulip fields and iconic canals whirling through his head, Takayas set out to create a ring that would complement Remco’s impeccable sartorial taste.

As someone who isn’t adorned with an abundance of jewelry, Remco wanted his wedding band to be a substantial and striking piece that would stand the test of time. Taking into consideration Remco’s love of classical architecture, art, and music, Takayas endeavored to create a ring that was not just beautiful, but also extremely well-designed and crafted. At the apex of the ring, Articuno's head encircles the center stone’s setting as if this majestic avian Pokemon is pointing to the most meaningful part of the ring – the diamond, a timeless symbol of sacred matrimony. Down the shoulders of the ring, Articuno’s magnificent wingspan wraps around the band leading to its serpentine tail. From the sides of the diamond, Articuno appears again, wrapped around the under gallery of the ring. The design repeats itself, reminiscent of Greek sculpture’s meticulous consideration of proportion and balance. Comfort was paramount to Takayas for Remco’s ring since it would be the singular piece he would don throughout his long future ahead with Elaine. The yellow gold Articuno inspired design covering the under gallery is layered on the platinum band like lattice with perforated slats. While preventing it from being too heavy, it still has a substantial weight. With every detail carefully crafted to perfection, the ring was ready to serve as a tangible symbol of the couple’s precious union.

Thank you, Elaine and Remco, for entrusting Takayas with such a meaningful part of your story! May this special ring reflect the adventures and love that will accompany you on the exciting path toward marriage!


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