Angelic NieR: Automata Inspired Engagement Ring

Since Takayas crafts jewelry for clients all over the world, we don’t often have the pleasure of meeting our clients in person. To our delight, recently engaged after 10 years together, Tran and Jeremy visited our Los Angeles studio last year. Tran and Jeremy loved the aesthetic of Takayas’ designs, so they honored Takayas with the challenge of creating rings inspired by their favorite game. This week we’ll feature Tran’s elegant engagement ring inspired by the epic world of NieR: Automata. At the center of the ring, Takayas placed Tran’s exquisite pink sapphire to crown the ring. Befitting an angel, Takayas surrounded the magnificent gem with a diamond halo. Sixteen diamonds sparkle and represent her birthstone. Also, the diamonds are a symbol of commitment, faithfulness, and promise in their relationship. The quietly determined and deeply kind protagonist 2B from NieR: Automata served as inspiration for many design elements in Tran’s ring. Cradling the blushing center stone is finely crafted metalwork, intricately woven and shaped into the entrancing lacework found on 2B's dress. With a bit of the lace design peeking from the halo just slightly, stylish prongs secure her lovely center stone and add texture to the design. Two verdant peridots adorned with more charming lace filigree were placed on the ring shoulders in support of the center design. The tender green peridot was selected for Tran’s beloved partner Jeremy’s birthstone. The diamonds in the halo and the peridots on the shoulders serve as a reminder of the complementary and supportive relationship the couple shares. One of Takayas’ signatures is making his rings as beautiful on the inside as the outside. Tran’s ring showcases his craftsmanship with the rich details in the under gallery. These details remind one that while outer beauty may gasp our attention, it’s inner beauty that captures the heart. As a final touch to this heavenly ring, Jeremy’s name is engraved in NieR: Automata’s angelic language on the inner band. The beauty inside and out encapsulates the love Jeremy has for Tran.

Thank you, Tran and Jeremey, for entrusting Takayas with creating this most precious symbol of your union! It was truly a pleasure to work hand and hand with you. We look forward to showcasing Jeremy’s ring next week! 


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