A Wedding Band Imbued with the Essence of Final Fantasy

For his wedding band, Brian wanted a unique design inspired by Final Fantasy crafted just for him that characterized his person. After spending some time researching to find the perfect custom jeweler to take on this task, he found Takayas Custom Jewelry! As he saw the wonderful custom designs Takayas crafted throughout the years, the video game inspired pieces stood out to Brian. Intrigued by our portfolio, Brian submitted an inquiry, which resulted in this amazing custom band! Based on the concept ideas Brian had provided, Takayas crafted a design that would incorporate elements that were meaningful to Brian. Taking great care in balancing and blending each element while ensuring the essence of the design was communicated properly. In this design, three main elements stand out and complement one another. Taking center stage is a remarkable marquise-cut Swiss blue topaz representing the iconic Final Fantasy crystal. Enveloping the crystal are the wings of the famous Distant Worlds symphony concert, traveling the world and carrying upon their wings the beauty of Final Fantasy as the concert tour features the stirring music from Final Fantasy composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Beyond those wings, Yoshitaka Amano’s spirit breezes along the sides of the band providing an elegant organic touch. Illustrating the talented artist’s unique style, the yellow gold filigree adds dynamic movement and an elegant organic touch to Brian’s sleek band.

“I know most men just buy a wedding band, but I wanted my ring to represent me and what makes me my own person and to be able to share that with my wife and our unity was something that was very important to me.” We had reached out for further comments and Brian shared with us, “Final Fantasy is important to me. It has been and still is a major influence in my life. Everything from the music to the characters and their struggles, to the amazing art and everything beyond. I wanted all of this to be represented in my ring. I sent an email to Takayas inquiring about a custom ring and received a speedy response.” When asked about his custom journey Brian provided us with his feedback, “I cannot recommend Takayas enough. If you are looking for someone to handcraft your perfect ring, whatever it may be, then trust someone with the expertise and skill to understand what you are looking for and who actually cares about a quality product. Takayas also employs a professional and responsive team who will take you through every step and answer any questions you may have. Thank you Takayas and team for making my special day even more special and I feel joy whenever I glance at my ring and know, it is truly, one of a kind!"

Thank you, Brian, for giving us the opportunity to craft your special design for your special day. We truly appreciate the abundance of kindness you shared in your reviews. We wish you and your wife a great deal of love and happiness for years to come! 


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