A Dragon Inspired Engagement Ring for an Auspicious Lunar New Year

With the Lunar New Year upon us, we feature a ring that captures the essence of a most auspicious creature – the dragon! In a serendipitous twist of fate, a couple whose engagement ring was stolen reached out to Takayas for a ring to adorn the bride’s most precious finger once again. But this ring is no ordinary symbol of commitment; it’s an homage to the couple’s namesake and a tribute to the Lunar New Year of the Dragon. To start off this precious ring, Takayas placed a stunning oval-cut blue sapphire in a setting with the prongs situated at North, South, East, and West. The attractive compass setting is a nod to the couple always being together in their hearts no matter where they are during their travels. With a gleaming canvas of white gold, Takayas sculpted the dragon heads on the ring's shoulders representing the couple. The East and West prongs holding the center stone feature Takayas' meticulous use of detail – they are in fact the horns of the dragons. Moving down the sides of the band, Takayas created dragon wings sculpted with open latticework in a sophisticated sculptural style - graceful and elegant. The sharp edges of the ring’s architecture have been softened to give it a feminine amorphous feel. Wispy lines reference the fire of the dragon’s breath subtly wrapping around and extending into the side gallery. Takayas is known for making his rings as special on the inside as the exterior design. Inside the inner band, the sculptural motif continues with a framework that resembles a dragon's backbone. It is the foundation of the ring - strong and supporting – just like how the couple are always there for each other. We were delighted to hear that this beautiful ring imbued with the majesty of dragons, made it to the couple earlier this week. While there is no replacement for the ring that was sadly stolen, Takayas hoped to create a design that would serve as a reminder of all the special times the couple have enjoyed as well as be a talisman for days ahead. May the flames of passion and the strength of the dragon guide this couple on their journey together. Best wishes to the happy couple as they continue their extraordinary adventure during the Lunar New Year of the Dragon!


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