Final Fantasy Couples Inspired Wedding Ring Set

When Justin and Samantha first contacted us, Samantha let us in on her personal motivation behind her desire for a Final Fantasy inspired engagement ring and matching wedding band set.

"In the summer of 1999, I accompanied my cousin to the video game store. I was not an avid gamer, but a television screen caught my eye as a mesmerizing scene unfolded. A young girl asks a young man to dance while at a ball. Her persistency pays off. They stumble through the first few steps of the waltz, but they eventually pull off a successful finish as fireworks light up the night sky. That very scene would spark almost 2 decades of fascination with the Final Fantasy series. By tradition, Final Fantasy VIII will probably be my favorite most likely due to its strong theme of love. Final Fantasy X also holds a very dear place in my heart. Not only does it also have a theme of love (underwater kissing scene, anyone?), but it sparked a very memorable cosplay experience"


As we all know, all of the Final Fantasy games are rich with unique and gorgeous details that are just so easy to fall in love with. Taking inspiration from their story, Takayas took Samantha's likes and dislikes to create the designs for her engagement ring and matching wedding band. Even though she mentioned that her favorite Final Fantasy couple is Squall and Rinoa, Takayas was more inspired by the photo of their Tidus & Yuna cosplay, which seemed much more personal and was perfect to portray their connection with each other.

JM-1001-10 with logo.jpg

The floral pattern on her engagement ring is inspired by Yuna's skirt. Combined with the waves of the FFX logo, using the swirls to hold the center diamond on the east and west sides, a representation of Yuna's staff can be seen on the front/ back of the ring, with the center tip forming the custom north and south prongs that held the diamond center stone.

JM-1001-05 with logo.jpg

For those familiar with that particular ballroom scene from Final Fantasy VIII, that left such a significant impression upon Samantha, will appreciate the representation of this scene in the underside of the ring. Takayas recreated the lines of the glass dome ceiling in the ballroom, and the diamond represents the fireworks!

JM-1002-08 with logo.jpg

To create the matching wedding band, Takayas used Yuna's waves as inspiration, but also worked in an element from Tidus' costume to represent the union with Justin. He crossed over the wavy lines below the hilt symbol, and created an abstract heart shape ending in swirls, similar to the way the design ends on the engagement ring.


Samantha wearing her engagement ring

We asked Justin how his overall experience was working with Takayas for their custom set.

"Takayas did a fantastic job listening to our story and coming up with a design that elegantly and uniquely integrated so many aspects of that story together."

We couldn't be happier for Justin and Samantha!

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