Rose Cut Moonstone Engagement Ring

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Peter came to Takayas looking for an engagement ring that he just couldn't find off the shelf - a ring that symbolized the love he shared with his girlfriend of over nine years, without being caught up in the "politics and expectations" associated with the ubiquitous center diamond. "We are an unconventional couple," he said. "We are complete opposites, me being a structured engineer type and her being an artistic free spirit." He also wanted a wedding band of his own, designed to match his girlfriend's ring. How better can you capture all the little nuances of your relationship than by creating a beautiful set of rings that are completely custom and unique to you?


For the design of the ring, Peter wanted to reflect the personal qualities that make his girlfriend special. "She possesses this mysterious, dreamy yet emotional and calming aspect to her entire being," said Peter. Rather than a diamond, Takayas used a moonstone as the centerpiece - evoking that sense of wonder and romance that drew Peter in to the woman he loved. The stone sits in a basket-type setting surrounded by a halo of small diamonds, giving the ring a rustic, antique look. Takayas crafted the shank out of 14K yellow gold, molding it into a twisting rope pattern that gives the ring strength, while maintaining a thin and dainty quality that makes it stackable with a matching wedding band.

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As of this posting, Peter hasn't yet popped the question to his girlfriend - he's waiting for the right time for the proposal to be as "perfect as can be." He's ecstatic about the engagement ring, however! "I am in love with the ring and know that she would love it even more," he said. He was also pleased with the experience of creating the ring itself: "I was contacted immediately by his team and they made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole process. They kept me updated the entire way and made it a point to express their concerns or suggestions while never neglecting my own."

Here's wishing good luck to you, Peter - and thank you for letting us be a part of a moment that will be so special to you and your girlfriend!