Skeleton & Sunflower Inspired Engagement Ring

Max and Kari are an adventurous couple - from Burning Man to sports entertainment competitions, they've done it all. Max came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an engagement ring that would represent the wonderful woman who has accompanied him through so many experiences, combining her love of both skeletons and floral imagery into one stunning piece.

Creating the shank using 14K white gold, Takayas shaped it to reflect the spine tattoo on Kari's back. The surreal, finely articulated design might call to mind the biomechanic work of H.R. Giger! Placed along the eerie spine, on both sides of the band and on the underside of the ring, are three delicate sunflowers, creating a dramatic and romantic juxtaposition. A brilliant cut, deep greenish-blue Montana sapphire sits in the center, the same color as Max's eyes - a sweet reminder of the man she loves that Kari can take along wherever new escapades await.

MH-1001 (1).jpg

When we presented Max with the finished piece, he was beyond excited. On top of creating a fully custom engagement ring just for Kari, Max went even further with an extra special proposal - on set during an episode of American Ninja Warrior! Max was kind enough to share the video of the heart-stopping moment with us. You can watch it on our Facebook page here.

As for the lucky lady herself, she was absolutely thrilled with the proposal - and with her ring! "I am blown away by the creativity and originality in every facet," Kari said. "Takayas is so incredibly talented."

"We love the ring so much," Max said. "Thank you again to Takayas and the team for all your hard work."

Thank you, Max and Kari, for inviting us to come along on the incredible and beautiful journey you have taken as a couple. We wish you many more years of excitement and adventure - just be careful about the death-defying ninja stunts!

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