Kingdom Hearts Sora & Kairi Inspired Wedding Bands


David and Sharon are familiar friends to Takayas Custom Jewelry. Last year, we created a beautiful Kingdom Hearts inspired engagement ring for David to surprise his then-girlfriend Sharon. This year, they've returned to continue the Kingdom Hearts theme - this time to celebrate their wedding! For their set of matching wedding bands, David and Sharon wanted to reflect the special, unbreakable bond between two of the series' leading characters, Sora and Kairi.

Sharon's ring is based on Kairi's Destiny's Embracekeyblade, a piece of weaponry so beautiful and delicate you may forget the punishing strength that lies within. Takayas crafted the ring out of 14K white gold, molding it into two intricate heart shapes to reflect the hilt of Kairi'skeyblade. To give the ring an organic look, Takayas wrapped the shoulder and shank with a single twirling vine, mimicking the vine wrapping around the weapon's shaft. Showcased in the ring's center, embraced by hearts, lies a Paopu fruit - the star-shaped fruit native to Sora and Kairi'shomeland,said to entwine the destinies of those who share it.


For David's ring, Takayas incorporated the design of Sora's Ultima Weapon, the most powerfulkeybladein the Kingdom Hearts series. Also created from 14K white gold, the ring prominently features both the crown imagery that represents Sora's character and the hearts symbolic of the series as a whole. For the centerpiece, the crowned heart that crests the Ultima Weapon's blade makes for a bold statement. Underneath, the ornate fish-bone filigree forms the bottom of the ring.


"After experiencing the beautiful custom work that Takayas does, we just had to go custom again for our wedding bands," David said. "It really feels special and unique to have a custom designed ring by Takayas that is one of a kind."He and Sharon are big fans of the passion, craftsmanship, and intricate detail work that goes into every piece of jewelry Takayas creates.

When we presented them with their finished wedding bands, they were just as delighted as they had been with Sharon's engagement ring a year before! "He has truly made our engagement and wedding special with these rings. We always look forward to working with him on our custom jewelry projects!"

Thank you, David and Sharon, for inviting us to help continue the story of your love and partnership. We hope you two enjoy the same destiny as those who share the legendary Paopu fruit - entwined together forever!

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