Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight Inspired Engagement Ring

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Final Fantasy’s Dark Knights are knights who use darkness to empower themselves in order to defeat their enemies. They sacrifice their lives for battle by giving up their own life force to add might to their attacks. Wielding terrifying broadswords and equipped with powerful and imposing armor, they fight for justice.

Xi came to Takayas Custom Jewelry looking to create a ring based on his girlfriend’s favorite class from Final Fantasy XIV. For the design, Takayas incorporated details from the Dark Knight’s armor onto the ring, and used a ruby for the center stone to represent the Dark Knights’s soul crystal. Xi wanted the ring to portray how a Dark Knight is encircled by darkness, so we placed black diamonds on all four sides of the center stone, creating a dramatic contrast.


As always, thank you Xi for allowing us to make your fantasy come true. We wish you and your girlfriend all the best!

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