Kingdom Hearts & Sunshine Inspired Engagement Ring


Alex came to us with an idea of creating a special engagement ring based on his fiancée’s favorite experiences playing the Kingdom Hearts video game series and one of her favorite characters is Axel. His fiancée lights up his life in every way, so he wanted to incorporate into the ringa sun theme combining Axel’s strongest sets of chakrams, the Eternal Flames.

After months of talking and rendering, and considering all of Alex’s requests, Takayas based the ring design on the sun and Axel’s famous chakrams. Takayas did not make an ordinary sun design as it might look like more of a costume ring than an engagement ring. He decided to incorporate the flames of the sun on the band which are also inspired of Axel’s wavy and spiky hair.

The chakrams was used for the setting of the diamond, with the north and south ends wrapping down while the east and the west decorating the shoulder of the ring. The prongs that hold the diamond represents the spikes of the chakrams.


Alex chose to do custom jewelry as it is very easy and timely. He liked the way his requests were balanced with artistic interpretations to create a ring that had the desired elements such as of the Blue Topaz for the accent stones. He wanted the ring to remain simple and elegant.

Alex said, after seeing Takayas’ renders of the ring, “The renderings were extremely high quality, and my feedback was quickly understood and incorporated in an artistic manner.”

Just like Axel’s personality, Alex wishes everyone that he meets will always remember him, so he can live on forever through their memories - we also wish to aim a mark on this beautiful couple’s memories by creating them a beautiful ring that they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

We always love when our clients share their proposal stories and Alex’s was definitely a success and very heartwarming.

My Sunshine had the biggest smile on her face and she cried a few happy tears as well. She gave me a huge hug and kiss and she made sure not to forget to say YES! We then took some pictures with the wonderful backdrop of Universal Studios so she could show off the ring to her family and friends.

We are so happy to be a part of Alex and his Sunshine’s happiest day of their lives and we wish them a very happy life together.

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