Zora’s Sapphire And Gemini Inspired Engagement Ring

Peter saw Takayas’ Legend of Zelda Spiritual Stones inspired rings and decided to make a very special engagement ring for his girlfriend, Tisha.

As any Zelda fan will tell you, Zora's Sapphire is the perfect centerpiece for an engagement ring!To personalize the piece, he asked that Takayas somehow craft the astrological sign, Gemini, into the band of the ring.


Takayas played around with the Gemini symbol, creatively stylizing the zodiac sign to better complement the curved forms of the Zora centerpiece.

Zoras_Sapphire_Gemini_Ring_by_Takayas_photograph_side_view.jpg Zoras_Sapphire_Gemini_Ring_by_Takayas_photograph_front_view.jpg

Was Peter satisfied?

“As for Takayas, I would say that they did a great job of realizing my thought and ideas into a sleek and stylized design. I was a bit worried about doing this sort of purchase online, but they were incredibly responsive with all of their emails and kept me updated every step of the way.”

Thank you to Peter for choosing Takayas Custom Jewelry!

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