Xenogears Fei and Elly Inspired Mech Wedding Rings

Pink sapphire mech wedding ring inspired by the video game Xenogears

This week, we are excited to share this custom set of Xenogears inspired wedding rings we created for Jacob and Jen.

Anime mech wedding ring inspired by the video game Xenogears

We'vedesignedquite a few anime inspired engagement rings, but Jacob and Jen's wedding rings were the first mech rings we've had the pleasure of creating.

Originally released in 1998 by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) to critical acclaim, Xenogears was a science fiction RPG which featured a giant robot battle system of pilotable mechs called Gears.

elly-xenogears xenogears-fei

Jacob and Jen wanted to design their rings based around the two main Xenogears characters: Fei and Elly. They thought the story of these two characters lentitself well to wedding rings because in the game, Fei and Elly arereincarnated over and over again, but they still find each other and fall in love in each new life.

vierge-mech-xenogears designing-ladies-xenogears-ring-1 designing-ladies-xenogears-ring-2

Takayas designed Jen's ring based on Ellyand her Vierge Gear using a 14K white gold band with rose gold and pink sapphire accents to match her character's color scheme. The rose gold centerpiece design is a mirror image reflection of Vierge's topmostback wing, and the pink sapphires are placed in the same formation as the back wing'sbolts.


On the insideof the ring, the pattern on the sides of the band is the same pattern from underneath her gear's two side wings.

For Elly's non-mech character elements, Takayas incorporated the bottom of the black belt pattern from the front of her dress into the white gold side band segments, and the ring's under gallery features the circular pattern from her dress's shoulders.

elly-xenogears-ring-in-progress-takayas polishing-xenogears-elly-ring-takayas xenogears-his-her-wedding-rings-takayas

For Jacob's ring, Takayas spent quite a while figuring out a way to capture Fei's split personalities.

Much of Xenogears centers around the themes ofidentity and human memory,and Fei must contend with Id: the destructive personality which periodically emerges in times of trauma.


Both personalities also have two different mechs: Fei pilots the blue Weltall Gear, and Id pilots the red Weltall-Id Gear.

weltall-mech-xenogears weltall-id-mech-xenogears

To capture this personality duality, Takayas decided to use the 14K yellow gold sections to represent Id and the white gold sections to represent Fei.

The four corners of the yellow gold centerpiece are based on the top of Weltall-Id's leg armor pattern. Like Jen's ring, hecreated a mirror image style using the armor.

designing-mens-xenogears-ring-1 designing-mens-xenogears-ring-2

In contrast, the two white gold center triangular sections are based on Fei's purple and yellow waist armor's pattern. The main white gold design on the sides of the band is in the same shape as the Weltall's two back rockets (which become the Weltall Id's leg armor once it transforms).

Forhis ring's under gallery, the pattern is based on the Welltall-Id's chest armor. Welltall-Id's chest differs from the Welltall's chest because the two breast plates open up wider to reveal a center plate.

xenogears-fei-mens-ring-takayas xenogears-mech-wedding-rings-takayas

We had a fantastic time working with Jen and Jacob.

Takayas grew up watching Gundam and playing with robot figures, so the chance to create a set of mech rings was a rare chance we thoroughly enjoyed.

jen-and-jacob jen-jacob-wearing

Warmest wishes to the newly married couple, and thanks for sharing your wedding day with us!