Song of Healing Zora Sapphire Zelda Engagement Ring

featured-image-song-of-healing-engagement-ring-takayas.jpg custom Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry combines Zora's Sapphire with the Song of Healing

This week, to conclude our Zora ring feature, we're very excited to share this custom "Song of Healing" inspired Legend of Zelda engagement ring.

For musicians Wesley and Celia, a "Song of Healing" themed Zora ring was the perfectway to combine their love of gaming and music.


In place of acenter stone, they wanted to use the Spiritual Stone of Water from The Ocarina of Time. The Zora'sSapphire centerpiece isformed out of three .25 ct sapphires.


The platinum "Song of Healing" band features the opening music notesfrom the "Song of Healing" which Link playsthroughout Majora's Mask to help others and put their spirits' to rest.

song of healing

Takayas'smain concern while designing the ring was fitting all five bars of music onto the band without it getting too wide and bulky. Wesley had specified that Celia liked very elegant, elvish-type jewelry, so we needed to avoid a thick, bulky ring.


Takayas'ssolution was to use a knife edge band for the ring's design. The angled slope of a knife edge style wouldleave enough space forhim to emboss the music notes in a more 3-D style than a typical, flat engraving. At the same time, it would allow for a more narrow, tapered ring that would reflect Celia's style preferences.

assembling the platinum "Song of Healing" band

After proposing, Celia said yes, and they were kind enough to let us know that all of their friends and family loved the ring as well. Warmest wishes to them both on their upcoming wedding!

Custom Song of Healing Zora's Sapphire engagement ring with embossed music notes by Takayas Custom Jewelry