Mew... Mew!

Look up in the sky! If you blink, you just might miss it. Arguably the most adorable Pokémon, Mew roams freely on its own and is very rarely seen. In popular games, it often makes only a 2-second appearance on the screen. This cat-like psychic Pokémon has an amiable nature, but the clever creature is quite elusive.

Takayas was inspired to create a ring with Mew's signature giggly expression. Its front paws are right near the mouth, resting on its long tail that wraps around forward. In this form, Mew curls happily around your finger and will go wherever you go.



If you've found someone who's quite the catch, why not surprise them with this little fellow? Finally, the rarePokémon can be yours!

And yes, Takayas can create this for you in rose gold.