Mass Effect Inspired Engagement Ring

Design by Takayas Mizuno of Takayas Custom Jewelry

Mass Effect is, in a word, epic. In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discover ancient remains containing a force that controls the ‘very fabric of space and time.’ To match that enormity in the form of an engagement ring is no easy feat. Our custom inspired jewelry is not only inspired by the franchise, but our clients and their rich, meaningful origins. Mitchell turned to Takayas Custom Jewelry in order to craft a ring “just as special as her, inspired by her favorite game,” hoping to balance his partner’s most partial galaxy on her finger.

Takayas, armed with the game’s many forms of symbolism, set his sights on the center; the citadel, and Mitchell’s love story. He reversed the Citadel's five arms to create a detailed, cone-shaped gallery for the emerald, with two intertwining omni-tools creating a perfect frame for the stone. The two omni-tools join  at the center of the ring, symbolizing the couple’s union as one universe-defending team.

Design by Takayas Mizuno of Takayas Custom Jewelry

At Takayas Custom Jewelry, offering full-custom affords us the recherché opportunity to allow couples to tap into the deepest parts of their relationship and find what’s truly special. A video game that they played together on their first date, coupled with the type of flowers blooming from the adjacent windowed, and detailed with a touch of a significant other’s hometown colors. We craft eternal memories, bonding old with new. Sometimes, our clients are surprised to see so much of themselves and what they love sealed within a piece of jewelry. Like Mitchell, who had this sweet sentiment upon seeing the engagement ring he’d eventually propose with: “Oh my god this is stunning. I never get teary and my eyes swelled up just looking at this! This is very beautiful and I love it! He definitely hit home on this one!”

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