Kingdom Hearts Save the Queen Inspired Engagement Ring

Vincent and Stephanie are both avid fans of Kingdom Hearts. To symbolize their love and connection to one another, there could be no better choice than a Kingdom Hearts inspired custom engagement ring from Takayas Custom Jewelry! Stephanie’s amazing design features elements of the magical Save the Queen staff as it appears in Kingdom Hearts III, with extra hidden details from Studio Ghibli films.


A deep blue sapphire crests the top of Stephanie’s dainty engagement ring. Mirror images of the Save the Queen staff’s head form the elegant shoulders, angelic feathers swooping up to brush the glittering centerpiece. Stylized hearts curl around blue sapphire accent stones embedded within the white gold band.


Along with Kingdom Hearts, Vincent and Stephanie also love Studio Ghibli movies. Takayas embellished Stephanie’s ring with surprising details from the classic Ghibli film, My Neighbor Totoro. Sleek silhouettes of Totoro on the end of the Save the Queen staff’s hearts keep the overall look sophisticated, while a playful image of the Catbus waits to be discovered in the ring’s undergallery.


Thank you, Vincent and Stephanie. Stay tuned for our next post on this couple’s incredible matching wedding bands – inspired by Kingdom Hearts and mecha designs!

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