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As a custom jewelry business, we thrive on transforming your unique ideas into beautiful jewelry pieces.

We work with a variety of precious metals and gemstones and invite you to explore the Custom Options that we offer. Once you have an idea of the materials you would like to use for your special design, please fill out our Inquiry Form describing your dream jewelry and we will get back to you with a quote. This is the beginning of the custom design process.

Once you have approved of your quote and committed to working with Takayas, your unique custom jewelry piece comes to life in three stages: Inspiration, Design, and Creation. 




Once you've committed to working with him, Takayas begins with brainstorming your design requests, building your special jewelry item in his mind.

He does not sketch out his ideas, rather, he spends time with the inspiration images you've sent and does further research into your requested design elements. Then, he lets the ideas develop in the back of his mind, allowing inspiration to strike whenever all the elements align. This may happen during dinner, or in the middle of the night; as a true artist, Takayas does not limit inspiration to office hours.




Once inspiration strikes, Takayas begins designing your special jewelry piece using 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) software. CAD enables him to create rendered images of your design that are also technically correct for jewelry making. These 3-D rendered images will give you a clear understanding of what your finished piece will look like from multiple angles.

When we send you the rendered images of your design, you will have the opportunity to give us notes or request revisions before we move to the next stage of bringing your special piece to life in metal. Our primary concern is that you are 100% happy with the design, and we encourage you to communicate even the smallest adjustments you would like to see made at this time.

Once we have made any necessary modifications and you have given us your final written approval (via email), we will begin production of your jewelry piece. We only proceed to the creation stage once you are completely satisfied with your design.




The next step in the custom process is the conversion of the approved CAD images into a 3-D printed wax model of your future jewelry. Takayas will then use this wax model to cast the different pieces of your design, which come together seamlessly as pieces of a puzzle.

From there, he will carefully hand-set any stones, engrave any special requests, and put the final touches on your finished piece. All that is left is for you to try it on for the first time.  

Once your masterpiece is finished, what started off as an idea has become your own tangible, wearable work of art. It is our sincere hope that you will treasure your original Takayas creation for the rest of your life.