As a custom jewelry business, we thrive on transforming your unique ideas into spectacular jewelry creations.

For your easy reference, we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to what you can expect when beginning your custom jewelry project with Takayas. Read on to discover the process – and how to make a custom inquiry of your own.


Once you’ve placed your first deposit and officially started your custom jewelry project with us, Takayas begins by brainstorming ideas for your one-of-a-kind design.

Unlike some other jewelry artists, Takayas does not work with sketches. Instead, he develops a design concept based upon the unique stories and inspirations you’ve shared with us, building the details of your stunning piece in his mind.


After developing a design concept for your special jewelry, Takayas then takes his thoughts to the computer, creating a 3D model of your jewelry using computer-aided design software. Once Takayas is pleased with what he has designed for you, we will share renderings of this 3D model for you to approve.

As a jeweler with over twenty years of experience, Takayas is confident that he’ll transform your ideas into a beautiful design that goes even beyond what you could have expected. Of course, if you do end up wanting to make any changes, he will gladly adjust his 3D model of your design until he’s created a jewelry piece you absolutely love.


Upon receiving your final approval for your custom design, the crafting stage begins for Takayas and his team to bring your incredible jewelry to life. Creating a wax model of your piece through advanced 3D printing technology, he then uses this model to cast the individual elements of your design in the form of precious metals.

At the jeweler’s bench, these elements will be assembled into one solid, seamless piece of jewelry. After carefully hand-setting stones, creating any special engraving requests, and placing the finishing touches, all that remains is for you to try on your custom jewelry for the first time.

By the end of the custom process, what started off as a mere idea has become your very own tangible, wearable work of art. We hope you’ll cherish your original Takayas jewelry creation forever.