Final Fantasy IX Princess Garnet Inspired Engagement Ring

Susan has always admired Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. Her one-of-a-kind engagement ring is inspired by Garnet's iconic pendant and tiara! Read More

“Do You Create Jewelry Other Than Rings?”

A question often poised to Takayas Custom Jewelry, today we answer: “Do You Create Jewelry Other Than Rings?” Read More

Final Fantasy VIII Squall Inspired Ring

Squall both wears the Griever as a pendant and has a charm on his Gunblade, so this custom Final Fantasy VIII inspired ring features two lion head crests. Read More

Kingdom Hearts Brightcrest Keyblade Inspired Ring

This engagement ring is inspired by Aqua's Brightcrest Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, reflecting her water theme with crashing waves and blue gemstones. Read More

Kitsune Inspired Engagement Ring & Client Q+A

A lover of Japanese folklore receives a unique engagement ring inspired by the beautiful and mysterious figure of the Kitsune. Read More

Spider-Man PS4 Release: A Roundup of Our Favorite Inspired Rings

In honor of Spider-Man PS4, available on September 7th, read more about our favorite made-to-order Spider-Man inspired rings on Takayas Custom Jewelry. Read More

Surprise! Palm Leaf Earrings for Wife

William surprised his wife with a stunning pair of palm leaf-themed custom hoop earrings. See the beautiful design! Read More

Pokémon Eeveelution Inspired Engagement Ring

To reflect the spirit of Vaporeon and Espeon, both characters wrap along the white gold band of this custom Pokémon themed ring, meeting around a diamond. Read More

Beauty and the Beast Inspired Ring (With a Surprise Kingdom Hearts Detail!)

This custom Beauty and the Beast inspired engagement ring also incorporates a secret Kingdom Hearts themed detail in the form of a split Paopu fruit. Read More

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