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Kingdom Hearts & Sunshine Inspired Engagement Ring

This Kingdom Hearts inspired custom engagement ring was based on Axel’s famous chakrams, incorporating the flames of the sun and Axel’s wavy, spiky hair.

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Mass Effect Inspired Engagement Ring

The Citadel's five arms were used to create a cone-shaped gallery for the emerald, with two intertwining omni-tools creating a perfect frame for the stone.

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Sailor Moon and Dr. Who Inspired Engagement Ring

Our client told us that two of his girlfriend's favorite things were Sailor Moon and Doctor Who. Here's the custom engagement ring that we created for him.

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Kingdom Hearts Divine Rose Keyblade Inspired Ring

After seeing our other Kingdom Hearts inspired rings, one couple requested a custom ring based on the Divine Rose keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

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Nightmare Break & Mirage Split Inspired Wedding Rings

Inspired by the Nightmare Break & Mirage Split Keyblades, the strong bond these matching rings represent make them ideal as wedding rings.

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Kingdom Hearts Inspired Wedding Rings

Kingdom Hearts revolves around the theme of Heart: love, feelings, memories and emotions--the perfect inspiration for these engagement and wedding rings.

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