Pokémon’s Eevee and The Legend of Zelda Inspired Alexandrite Engagment Ring

With The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon’s Eevee as its muse, this Alexandrite ring intertwines craftsmanship and fandom for an engagement ring that embodies a love story woven with threads of fantasy and passion. Read More

FFXV Lunafreya’s Flower Inspired Wedding Ring

Inspired by Lunafreya’s favorite flower, the sylleblossom, this custom wedding band features a small blue center diamond as a nod to the flower's color. Read More

Sisters of the Rings

If you think you need to be getting married to order a custom ring, think again. These two sterling silver thumb rings were commissioned to celebrate a different kind of relationship: the bond between sisters. Read More

Wanderlust Anchor Themed Engagement Ring

Nautical imagery defines this gorgeous custom engagement ring, made for an adventurous couple who love to travel the world together. Read More

“Together Forever… Finally!” Custom Men’s Ring

This Final Fantasy themed men's wedding band showcases vintage-style filigree patterns, inspired by the design of his partner's heirloom ring. Read More

Beauty And The Beast Inspired Bridal Set

This custom bridal set features the combination of gold with cobalt blue, the colors of the iconic ballroom scene from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Read More

Zelda Wind Waker Inspired Engagement Ring

Sapphire, ruby, and emerald stones crest the top of a Wind Waker inspired engagement ring, with stylized ocean waves trailing down the band. Read More

Black & White Mage Final Fantasy Inspired Wedding Rings

Final Fantasy's Black and White Mage archetypes are meaningful to this gaming couple. Their set of rings reflect unique weapons wielded by the Mages! Read More

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