Stardew Valley x Tetris Inspired Engagement Ring

Waddling from their little huts, the Junimo work with glee, moving Tetrimino pieces to help a newly engaged couple create a new home together! Read More

Lord of the Rings Mithril Inspired Engagement Ring

Balanced with a vibrant crimson focal point is a mithril-like ring with delicate leaves and intricate filigree adorning its shimmering band! Read More

Star Wars x The Legend of Zelda Inspired Engagement Ring

With the premiere of Star Wars: Andor and the announcement of LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom, we just had to feature Jarod and Nicole's epic ring! Read More

Final Fantasy X Yuna Inspired Engagement Ring

Rose gold twirls and twists like the cresting ocean waves dancing in a sunset background of Yuna's iconic Sending ceremony at Kilika Island! Read More

Commemorating the Release of The Rings of Power – Some of Our Favorite Elven Inspired Designs

With the release of the new Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, this week we feature some of our beguiling elven inspired designs! Read More

How to Create Your Dream Ring With Takayas Custom Jewelry

Traverse new territory to create the ring of your dreams! This Labor day weekend Takayas Custom Jewelry guides you through the custom process. Read More

Princess Mononoke San Inspired Anniversary Ring

Rosy accents reflecting a mighty wolf princess adorn this custom ring, embellished by passionate garnets with a hidden secret carved within. Read More

Pokémon: Latios & Latias Inspired Engagement Ring

Sitting at the focal point of this beautiful design is the rare and powerful Soul Dew guarded by the legendary creatures, Latios and Latias! Read More

Charizard & the Stones of Virtue Inspired Engagement Ring

This sophisticated three-stone design incorporates Charizard and the Stones of Virtue. Carved underneath are the Goddess marks of each stone! Read More

A Wedding Band Imbued with the Essence of Final Fantasy

Imbuing this band with the essence of Final Fantasy are elegant yellow gold filigrees inspired by Distant Worlds and Yoshitaka Amano's art! Read More

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