“Do You Create Jewelry Other Than Rings?”


No need for a TL;DR here, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Here at Takayas Custom Jewelry, we pride ourselves on being a full-service custom jeweler. What full-service means to us, is simple: You dream it, and we create it. From something as seemingly indirect as a sketch, a sentimental object, or a thought, we honor each cornerstone in the process of making a piece that’s not just worn, but cherished. Our philosophy is embedded in the belief that creating custom jewelry allows the finished piece to become an extension of our clients. It’s not just Pokemon, or Final Fantasy, or a flower; it’s the first date you shared with your significant other. Or, perhaps the moment you knew you’d want to spend the rest of your life with them. Or, the flowers her mother always kept in the house. These special moments are the building blocks that make up our lives, and custom jewelry allows us the remarkable opportunity to memorialize them, forever.

Keep reading to rediscover our featured not-rings below:


Pokemon Inspired Yellow Sapphire Pikachu Bracelet

After working with Melissa and her husband Mike to create their Mew and Legend of Zelda wedding rings, we were thrilled to work together again to design this custom 14K gold and yellow sapphire Pikachu inspired bracelet. Pokemon Yellow had always been special to Melissa, being the first Pokemon game she ever owned. Takayas captured the early pixel art style of the game, alternating his poses to give the impression of Pikachu walking around Melissa’s wrist.


Final Fantasy XV Inspired Luna Necklace

Inspired by the main heroine of Final Fantasy XV, Takayas created this Lunafreya inspired pendant for our client Casey. Takayas sought to celebrate Freya’s character in the series, and in addition, wanted to challenge the idea of the typical crescent moon necklace. Instead of having the back side crafted to match the front, he tapered it to create a ‘knife’s edge’ finish. This shape creates sophistication, elegance, and artistic depth that is more aesthetically appealing than mass-produced crescent moon pendants, which are simply duplicated on both sides. In order to subtly pay homage to Freya's blue flowers, Takayas used blue diamonds in a bezel setting.


Surprise! Palm Leaf Earrings for Wife

This project was not only a joy to produce, but a thrill to take part in as well. After working with clients Yii Wen and William on a jungle-inspired pendant, William reached out to us privately to commision a surprise pair of earrings to match. The earrings are an iconic hoop-style set in 14 Yellow Gold. Inspired by palm leaves and lady ferns, Takayas precisely wrapped the delicate leaves around the hoop’s band, elegantly yet effortlessly placing them to cement the image of the leaves growing.


Tahitian Black Pearl And Diamond Pendant

After vacationing in Tahiti, Shawn and Sara reached out to us to create a necklace utilizing a gorgeous black pearl they purchased while there. Sara wished to create a pendant encasing the pearl, striking a balance between the hard lines of the geometric shapes with softer, free-flowing detailing. The result is this custom 14K white gold and diamond necklace that houses their Tahitian pearl memento in the center, serving as its pedestal.


Serpentine Crystal Tiara for Swarovski Bridal Book

Not just for clients, but publications too! Swarovski reached out to Takayas to create this Serpentine Crystal Tiara for their 2016 Gem Visions Bridal Book. Takayas designed the silver Serpentine Tiara to wind with organic movement. The loops of the tiara twist in snake-like motif, meant to appear as one continuous pattern of crystals. The deceptively simple design is highlighted by glittering rows of white Swarovski zirconia and features an eight carat pear cut white topaz.

Are you ready to begin your custom journey, whether a ring, necklace, or SOMETHING in between? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.

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