Your Name Anime Inspired Engagement Ring

Your Name anime inspired engagement ring for a surprise Tokyo proposal. Read More

Magnificent Maleficent Inspired Engagement Ring

Michael envisioned a magnificent Maleficent inspired engagement ring. Read More

Lovely Lolita Inspired Engagement Ring

Lovely Lolita inspired engagement ring for a girly girl. Read More

NieR: Automata Black Box Inspired Wedding Band

NieR: Automata’s Black Box served as the inspiration for Jeremy’s wedding band. Read More

Angelic NieR: Automata Inspired Engagement Ring

A NieR: Automata inspired engagement ring fit for an angel. Read More

Cardcaptor Sakura Inspired Engagement Ring

Knowing the importance that Cardcaptor Sakura held in Angie’s heart, Takayas strove to create a bespoke engagement ring that would pay homage to the beloved series. Read More

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Inspired Engagement Ring

As a fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure throughout medical school, KJ wanted her ring to incorporate her favorite characters who offered a respite during her intense studies. Read More

Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Inspired Engagement Ring

Struggle, endure, contend. Marked with the Brand of Sacrifice, this custom ring serves as an emblem of perseverance that a couple shares. Read More

Final Fantasy Zanarkand Abes Inspired Engagement Ring

Jecht's Zanarkand Abes symbol curls around tiny aquamarines, calling to mind the sweet scene Yuna and Tidus share together at Macalaina Lake. Read More

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