Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Inspired Engagement Ring

Struggle, endure, contend. Marked with the Brand of Sacrifice, this custom ring serves as an emblem of perseverance that a couple shares. Read More

Final Fantasy Zanarkand Abes Inspired Engagement Ring

Jecht's Zanarkand Abes symbol curls around tiny aquamarines, calling to mind the sweet scene Yuna and Tidus share together at Macalaina Lake. Read More

Stardew Valley x Tetris Inspired Engagement Ring

Waddling from their little huts, the Junimo work with glee, moving Tetrimino pieces to help a newly engaged couple create a new home together! Read More

Give Thanks with Takayas Custom Jewelry – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for continuing to support us and allowing us to create tokens of love in the form of memorable, personal, and meaningful jewelry! Read More

Three Pairs of Blooming Flower Earrings – Of Coral, Benitoite, and Jade

Three pairs of stones were re-set into new blossoming homes, crafted in shimmering gold specifically designed for their individual shapes. Read More

Customize and Treat Yourself with Takayas Custom Jewelry

Treat yourself to amazing handcrafted custom jewelry made just for you that's designed to encapsulate your personal style and passions! Read More

Evangel Wings Engagement Ring

Dancing elegantly as if taken by the wind is a pair of angelic plumes, shouldering brilliant diamonds and caressing a lustrous blue diamond! Read More

How to Create Your Dream Ring With Takayas Custom Jewelry

Traverse new territory to create the ring of your dreams! This Labor day weekend Takayas Custom Jewelry guides you through the custom process. Read More

Charming Designs Incorporating Your Favorite Creatures

Adorable turtles, playful dolphins, and mythical fox spirits! Check out some of the charming designs incorporating your favorite creatures! Read More

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