Kingdom Hearts Sora Oathkeeper Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

The iconic crowned heart curls around a glittering blue sapphire as the Oathkeeper keyblade's angelic feathers gracefully descend upon it. Read More

Kingdom Hearts Star Seeker Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

A lustrous sapphire sits at the center of this engagement ring within a crescent moon and star setting inspired by the Star Seeker Keyblade. Read More

Square Enix Inspired Wedding Bands

Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You inspire these wedding bands for a Square Enix loving couple, with a special League of Legends themed touch. Read More

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

A bold lightning-shaped band studded with contrasting gemstones transforms Lightning's signature pendant into a Final Fantasy inspired men's ring. Read More

The Elder Scrolls Inspired Men’s Wedding Band

Happy 10th anniversary, Skyrim! Iconic logos and symbols from Skyrim and Oblivion adorn this bold custom men's wedding band inspired by The Elder Scrolls. Read More

Heritage Inspired Men’s Ring

Meaningful symbols of Chile, Norway, and Japan represent Luke's heritage and life story in this unique custom men's ring. Read More

Warhammer 40K Dark Angels Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

Bold carved patterns frame the badge of the Dark Angels in this dramatic Warhammer 40,000 inspired custom men's engagement ring. Read More

Final Fantasy Blades Inspired Men’s Wedding Band

Iconic blades wielded by Cloud, Noctis, and Zidane blend together in this refined Final Fantasy inspired custom men's wedding band. Read More

Final Fantasy XIV Dragoon Inspired Men’s Wedding Band

Scales, dragon wings, and armor patterns combine in this extraordinary Final Fantasy XIV themed men's wedding band, inspired by the Dragoon job class. Read More

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