Dungeons & Dragons Elvish Inspired Engagement Ring

At the heart of Dungeons & Dragons is the story that we collectively imagine together, just like every piece of jewelry Takayas creates. Read More

A Melodious Final Fantasy XIV Bard Inspired Ring

At the apex of the ring is a sparkling aquamarine center stone, recalling the maritime city where Karen and Josef met in Final Fantasy XIV. Read More

Hraesvelgr and Smaug Inspired Engagement Ring

The virtuous Hraesvelgr and mighty Smaug flank the center of the ring, protecting a prodigious emerald center stone as stalwart guardians. Read More

Seething Bazelgeuse Inspired Wedding Set

Beneath the rosy glow of a Seething Bazelgeuse's scales, hints of fiery purple gleam and illuminate – beguiling all those who gaze upon it! Read More

Path of Exile Inspired Men’s Engagement Ring

The Divine Orb sits at the center of this charming ring! Upon a black rhodium band, the rare currency is adorned with curling vintage motifs. Read More

Final Fantasy X Yuna & Tidus Inspired Engagement Ring

Mystifying amethysts adorn this two-toned ring that unites Yuna and Tidus, elements notable to them blend together to form a lovely design. Read More

Crystalline Musical Moogle Inspired Engagement Ring

Adorned with lovely sapphires a Crystalline Dragon wraps around this ring alongside musical Moogles strumming Zelda's Lullaby on their harps! Read More

Biomechanical Hextech Rammus Inspired Engagement Ring

H.R. Giger's biomechanical dreamscape is embedded with an element of Hextech Rammus in this gorgeous two-tone purple sapphire custom ring! Read More

Heavenly Elpis Inspired Engagement Ring

Golden angelic wings and rosy Elpis flora complement one another to form an elegant representation of the love Leticia and Brandon share! Read More

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