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Takayas Mizuno is a visionary master jeweler with over 20 years of experience.

His unique jewelry style is a product of his master training in Ikebana, the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging, combined with advancements in jewelry technology that have opened up new worlds of design possibilities.

Not only inspired by the beauty of nature, Japanese art and pop culture, Takayas also reads books on science, philosophy, Zen, and psychology, which broaden his design perspective in unexpected ways.

For the last decade, Takayas has focused on catering to custom clients, occasionally creating small collections of designs that could be made to order. Now, he is ready to share his personal vision of the next stage of jewelry design, what he calls "Beyond".


"Beyond" is not only the name of one of his new collections, "Beyond" encompasses his entire brand's design philosophy: utilizing newer jewelry technologies, such as CAD and 3-D printing, to produce pieces that are "beyond" what is expected of traditional jewelry design.

 Even with these futuristic tools, some traditional practices are crucial which is why Takayas still gets his hands dirty crafting each piece at his bench. Since each piece is made to order, you can rest assured that your purchase will receive the same amount of care and attention to detail whether from a collection or completely custom.

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"Beyond" is not out of reach, it is the near-future that is already present for those who are innovators and early adopters. 

"Beyond" is the next stage in the evolution of design, inspired by advancements in technology that allow for the creation of structural forms that previously seemed impossible.

This "Beyond" philosophy can be seen expressed in many industries, including architecture, automobiles, and even avant garde fashion design, utilizing futuristic materials and technologies that could hardly be imagined just a few decades ago. 

Since Takayas is not only a jewelry designer but a craftsman as well, he is personally excited by new technologies that give him the ability to create forms that were previously impossible. 

Evolution is natural, and it is human nature to improve ourselves and our surroundings with advancing technology. This is why so many different industries seem to share this same innovative philosophy; it is natural to be moving in the direction of "Beyond".  This is why "Beyond by Takayas" is not a giant leap but the next logical step in the evolution of design.

Takayas' imagination is constantly sparked by technological advancements in many industries, and he looks forward to continuing to create innovative jewelry pieces that reflect this collective consciousness movement toward the future, creating fine jewelry that goes beyond what is expected from traditional jewelry design.