"Creating a masterpiece takes exceptional communication from start-to-finish."

To honor this belief, each customer is engaged every step of the way to insure that expectations are exceeded and perfection is achieved. Working with Takayas on a custom creation involves 3 simple steps:

Step1: Custom Jewelry Consultation

1. Inquire

As a custom jewelry business, we thrive on finding a way to turn your unique ideas into beautiful jewelry pieces. Because we can customize the type of metal or gems in any of our designs, the first step is to review all of the Custom Options available for your jewelry piece..

Once you have an idea of the materials you would like to use, please fill out our Inquiry Form describing your dream jewelry. If you have any pictures or sketches of designs you like, please include these as well as they are very valuable for helping us to understand your ideas.

Once you have sent us your inquiry, if you are located near our studio in Los Angeles, California, you are also welcome to make an appointment to visit us for a consultation to discuss your design with Takayas in person.

You will then receive an estimate based on your design requests. The more detail you are able to provide, the better we are able to understand your project which will help us to narrow down your estimate's range. We are also happy to offer design and alternative materials suggestions to accommodate your budget, so please do not hesitate to ask for recommendations.

Step2: CAD Design Custom Jewelry

2. Design

Once we have agreed on a general design, Takayas can begin to design your jewelry piece using his 3-D computer-aided design (CAD) software. CAD enables him to create rendered images of your design, and with these images, you will have a clear sense of what your finished piece will look like from multiple angles.

After we send you images, you will have the opportunity to provide any notes or revisions to the jewelry's design. Our primary concern is that you are 100% happy with the design, and we encourage you to communicate even the smallest adjustments you would like to make.

Once we have made any necessary modifications to your renders and you have given us your approval, we can begin production on your jewelry piece. We make sure that we only proceed with casting once you are completely satisfied with your design.

Step3: Casting To Perfection Custom Jewelry

3. Creation

The next step in the custom process is Takayas will convert the CAD images you have approved into a 3-D printed wax model of your future jewelry. He will then use this wax model to cast the different pieces for your design.

Once Takayas has finished casting your jewelry's pieces, he will assemble them into your jewelry's framework. From there, he will carefully set any stones, engrave any special requests, and put the final touches on your finished piece. All that is left is for you to try it on for the first time.

Now that your masterpiece is finished, what started off as an idea has become your own tangible, wearable work of art. It is our sincere hope that you will treasure your original piece of jewelry for the rest of your life.