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  • Rain Necklace Featured in Swarovski Bridal Book

    Takayas Rain necklace

    Trend Setter!!!!!  Swarovski Gems has been publishing its annual GemVisions jewelry and gemstone trend reports for decades, each year announcing a set of themes tailored to inspire jewelry designers and retailers when creating collections for  buying. The 2015  GemVisions Bridal Book was released in Vicenza, Italy in February 2014.  In…

  • Dolphin Collection


    Dolphins have been viewed as magical for millennium by humans. The Greeks, symbolized dolphins with kingship, authority, strength, dominion, freedom, intelligence, compassion and fatherly protection over the sea, as well as love, friendliness, playfulness, sensuality, desire, exploration, curiosity, attraction and joy. Ancient Greek legends state that the dolphin is responsible…

  • DNA – Custom Double Helix Ring


        In scientific terms, DNA is a molecule that consists of two long chains twisted that creates a double helix shape. It plays a central role in our bodies and is responsible for the transmission of hereditary characteristics from parents to offspring. To Larry and Edye the meaning of…

  • Infinity Collection

    September 24, 2013 Collection 0 Comment

    The concept of Infinity has been pondered by artists, scientist, philosophers and romantics alike for centuries. The infinity symbol refers to something without any limit, and is a concept known as unboundedness, itself derived from the Greek word apeiros, meaning endless. The infinity symbol is also known to represent the…