Final Fantasy Couples Inspired Wedding Ring Set

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When Justin and Samantha first contacted us, Samantha let us in on her personal motivation behind her desire for a Final Fantasy inspired engagement ring and matching wedding band set.

“In the summer of 1999, I accompanied my cousin to the video game store. I was not an avid gamer, but a television screen caught my eye as a mesmerizing scene unfolded. A young girl asks a young man to dance while at a ball. Her persistency pays off. They stumble through the first few steps of the waltz, but they eventually pull off a successful finish as fireworks light up the night sky. That very scene would spark almost 2 decades of fascination with the Final Fantasy series. By tradition, Final Fantasy VIII will probably be my favorite most likely due to its strong theme of love. Final Fantasy X also holds a very dear place in my heart. Not only does it also have a theme of love (underwater kissing scene, anyone?), but it sparked a very memorable cosplay experience”


As we all know, all of the Final Fantasy games are rich with unique and gorgeous details that are just so easy to fall in love with. Taking inspiration from their story, Takayas took Samantha’s likes and dislikes to create the designs for her engagement ring and matching wedding band. Even though she mentioned that her favorite Final Fantasy couple is Squall and Rinoa, Takayas was more inspired by the photo of their Tidus & Yuna cosplay, which seemed much more personal and was perfect to portray their connection with each other.

JM-1001-10 with logoThe floral pattern on her engagement ring is inspired by Yuna’s skirt. Combined with the waves of the FFX logo, using the swirls to hold the center diamond on the east and west sides, a representation of Yuna’s staff can be seen on the front/ back of the ring, with the center tip forming the custom north and south prongs that held the diamond center stone.

JM-1001-05 with logo





For those familiar with that particular ballroom scene from Final Fantasy VIII, that left such a significant impression upon Samantha, will appreciate the representation of this scene in the underside of the ring. Takayas recreated the lines of the glass dome ceiling in the ballroom, and the diamond represents the fireworks!

JM-1002-08 with logo

To create the matching wedding band, Takayas used Yuna’s waves as inspiration, but also worked in an element from Tidus’ costume to represent the union with Justin. He crossed over the wavy lines below the hilt symbol, and created an abstract heart shape ending in swirls, similar to the way the design ends on the engagement ring.


Samantha wearing her engagement ring

We asked Justin how his overall experience was working with Takayas for their custom set.

“Takayas did a fantastic job listening to our story and coming up with a design that elegantly and uniquely integrated so many aspects of that story together.”

We couldn’t be happier for Justin and Samantha!

If you have an idea for a special jewelry item, even if you don’t know exactly where to start for your design, simply use our inquiry form to begin a conversation with us and we will be happy to help bring your dream to life!

P.S. – If you’re a Final Fantasy fan in particular, or love someone who is, check out some of the other custom engagement rings Takayas has created based on the Final Fantasy games to get an idea of the unique design he could create for you:

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Happy New Year!

Top 9 most popular custom ring images by Takayas that were posted on Instagram in 2017.Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe 2017 has already come to a close but, it’s true what they say, time definitely flies when you’re having fun and Takayas loves getting to create unique designs. We’re looking forward to another exciting year of creating custom rings based on our clients’ favorite fandoms!

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll probably recognize the images in the collage above. We decided to jump on the #2017bestnine Instagram trend and highlight the nine custom ring designs that got the most love in 2017. Will your unique custom design be in our #2018bestnine? There’s only one way to find out… it all starts with contacting us with the details of your dream ring!

If you missed reading the stories of the rings shown above, continue scrolling for a link to each one. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss the next story! (We’ll also be announcing some exciting news soon, so stay tuned!)

From left to right, top to bottom, here are the stories associated with our #2017bestnine:

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“Destinies Become Intertwined” Kingdom Hearts Wedding Bands – Part 1
Final Fantasy X Nirvana and Brotherhood Engagement Ring
“Destinies Become Intertwined” Kingdom Hearts Wedding Bands – Part 2
Sailor Moon and Dr. Who Inspired Engagement Ring
Japanese Cherry Blossom Engagement Ring
Articuno Inspired Engagement Ring
Beauty And The Beast Inspired Bridal Set
Kingdom Hearts Divine Rose Keyblade Inspired Ring





Thank You For A Wonderful Year!

happy engaged and married couples from 2017 - Takayas Custom JewelryWe wanted to extend a big heartfelt “Thank you!” to all of our customers who have made 2017 a truly wonderful year!

Thank you so much for choosing us to play a part in your unique love stories. Seeing your smiling faces in your engagement and wedding photos is what makes the job of a custom jeweler worthwhile! :-) We love having the opportunity to share in your joy.

We wish you and yours all the best in 2018 and beyond!

Takayas & Team


Sailor Moon and Dr. Who Inspired Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry, with Sailor Scouts inspiration image backgroundKevin contacted us with an idea to create a special engagement ring based on two of his girlfriend Emily’s favorite things: Sailor Moon and Doctor Who. He wanted to keep it simple and low-profile, incorporating the individual colors of the Sailor Scouts and a blue stone for the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Kevin also mentioned that Emily wasn’t a huge diamond fan, so a center diamond wasn’t necessary. Other than that, Kevin told us he didn’t have a super clear idea of what he wanted the ring to look like and was curious to see what Takayas would come up with.

Sailor Scouts and Doctor Who inspiration images for custom engagement ring by Takayas

Sailor Scouts and Doctor Who inspiration images

After considering all of Kevin’s requests, Takayas created an elegant split shank design inspired by Sailor Moon’s tiara, with a TARDIS blue sapphire nestled in the tiara’s crescent moon.  Within the shape of the moon itself, Takayas set small colored stones to represent the main Sailor Scouts:  pink sapphire for Sailor Moon, blue sapphire for Sailor Mercury, emerald for Sailor Jupiter, ruby for Sailor Mars, and orange sapphire for Sailor Venus, with a small diamond in between each to allow the individual Scout colors to stand on their own.

CAD rendering of Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired engagement ring by Takayas - perspective view

CAD rendering

CAD wire frame rendering of Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring by Takayas - top view

CAD wire frame rendering

When Kevin saw the renders of his ring, this was his reaction:

“Oh wow is all I can say, it turned out more gorgeous than I had pictured in my head, the shape of the tiara was a VERY nice touch, I’m blown away at how pretty it is.  She is gonna LOVE it!!”

Of course, the true test of a custom engagement ring is the reaction of the recipient. We always love when clients follow up to share their proposal stories, and Kevin’s is magical:

“It was Dec 04, 2017 we were on our vacation to Disney World in Orlando Florida.  We had just eaten breakfast with her mom and were in the Magic Kingdom.  We were walking toward the castle and it was pretty crowded but, right when it was the perfect distance away so we could get pictures with all the spires, there was a break in the crowd.  This was my chance! I suggested we take some pictures while the crowd was parted. First, I got a picture of her and her mom with the castle in the background. Then, I set my phone to video mode and had her mom record the proposal.  We got in close and I said to her, “You have made these last 5 years of my life so very magical, so I have a question for you.”  I then got down on one knee and asked, “Would you do me the pleasure of making the rest of our lives just as magical?”  She of course said yes, and absolutely LOVED the ring.”

Kevin proposing to Emily at Disney World with a custom ring by Takayas

Kevin proposing to Emily at Disney World

She said "Yes!" The custom Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring is now at home on Emily's finger.

She said “Yes!” The custom Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring is now at home on Emily’s finger.

We are so happy for Kevin and Emily and wish them a magical life together!

If you have an idea for a special jewelry item, even if you don’t know exactly what you want yet, simply use our inquiry form to begin the custom conversation and we will be happy to help bring your dream to life!

P.S. – If you’re a Sailor Moon fan in particular, or love someone who is, check out some of the other custom engagement rings Takayas has created based on this teenage superheroine (and her friends) to get an idea of the unique design he could create for you:
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And, Doctor Who fans, we haven’t forgotten about you! If you’re imagining a ring that features more of your favorite fandom details than just the iconic color of the TARDIS, Takayas can do that too. Check out this previous custom commission to get your wheels turning:
Dr. Who and Battlestar Gallactica SciFi Engagement Ring

We look forward to hearing from you!


Kingdom Hearts Divine Rose Keyblade Inspired Ring

photography of custom Divine Rose keyblade inspired engagement ring by Takayas, with inspiration image backgroundChris proposed to Michelle with a simple gold band during a magical vacation at the Disneyland Hotel for her birthday, and she said “Yes!” As soon as the happily engaged couple returned home, they contacted us with a rough idea of what they wanted for Michelle’s special engagement ring.

“We knew for sure we wanted something unique that had special meaning to us, so after browsing through all of the examples of Takayas’ work it was an easy choice.”

After seeing some of Takayas’ other custom Kingdom Hearts inspired rings, they decided to request a custom ring based on the Divine Rose keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, Michelle’s favorite Disney story, the Divine Rose keyblade is arguably one of the most beautiful weapons in the game. With its stained glass handguard, purple blade, and a rose blossom that serves as the keyblade’s “teeth”, it’s truly lovely. Or, as Michelle said, “It’s the perfect balance of beauty and strength”.

Divine Rose keyblade inspiration image

Divine Rose keyblade inspiration image

Takayas studied the Divine Rose keyblade, reworking it in his mind to determine how best to use the various elements in the couple’s special ring design. Since Chris and Michelle had requested the stained glass element be represented with a variety of colored gemstones, Takayas wanted to make sure the design was strong enough on its own not to be overpowered by all of the colors.

CAD rendering of Kingdom Heart's Divine Rose inspired keyblade by Takayas Custom Jewelry

CAD rendering

He decided that the stained glass handguard would serve double duty as stylized “prongs” that hold the amethyst center stone, while also being a decorative element for the shoulders of the ring with colored gemstones representing the colors of the stained glass.

Rather than continuing the keyblade down the sides of the ring (which would put the rose near the bottom) Takayas placed the key’s rose between the handle’s leaves, with the thorny stem from the blade curving down the shank. He also set a small ruby in the center of each rose to represent the flower’s pinky-red color.

photograph of Kingdom Hearts' Divine Rose keyblade inspired engagement ring by Takayas

photograph of finished ring

“We couldn’t be happier with how the ring turned out. The amount of subtle detail and care that went into its design is something we’ll cherish and be able to show off for the rest of our lives.”

We truly enjoyed working with Chris and Michelle and are so happy they love their finished ring! If you have a special design idea in mind, let us know. We would love to create your dream ring, too!


“All In Good Time” Custom Engagement Ring

Time inspired custom engagement ring by Takayas - main imageToday’s featured engagement ring is inspired by the concept of time and the recurring role it has played in this couple’s relationship.

Fittingly, the timing wasn’t quite right for our client’s original proposal plans so, he’s working on an even better surprise proposal and has generously allowed us to share his beautiful ring design with you in the meantime (anonymously, of course. We don’t want to ruin the surprise.)  Keep an eye out for the future follow-up story once she’s said yes!

Now, on to the design story:

Like many of our customers, this particular client is an avid gamer so, when he first discovered Takayas’ work, his initial urge was to commission a Chrono Trigger inspired engagement ring. However, since his girlfriend doesn’t share his passion for gaming, he continued brainstorming potential inspirations for her special ring… and the Chrono Trigger idea got him thinking about the concept of time. He told us, “The more I thought about it, the more I began to realize how much time has been central to our relationship from the beginning.”

That was it! This ring would be inspired by time itself. He sent us images of different clocks, clock hands, and gears that he liked, along with information about her favorite board game, Seasons (which works into the “time” theme quite nicely), let us know that he’d prefer a diamond center stone and teal accent gems to reference her favorite color, and left the rest up to Takayas’ imagination.

inspiration image for time-inspired engagement ring by Takayas

one of the clock hand inspiration images

“What I want this ring to ultimately represent is that even time itself can’t come between us, and that all my time is hers. And if need be I would wait for her until the end of time.”

To capture this concept of time, Takayas decided to create stylized hour hands on the shoulders of the ring, using their tips as the East and West prongs that hold the center diamond, with a blue diamond accent stone set at the base of each hour hand to bring in some of her favorite color. To complete the open-work design, Takayas referenced decorative elements from the client’s favorite Gothic clock image.

custom time-inspired ring by Takayas - top view

photograph of finished ring – top view

custom time-inspired ring by Takayas - top view

photograph of finished ring – front view

custom time-inspired ring by Takayas - side view

photograph of finished ring – side view (Can you see the little heart Takayas worked into the clock hand design?)

Our client loved the ring and has an epic surprise proposal planned that will happen as soon as the timing is right. We’re excited to share more details once she’s said yes!

If you love this design too, please know we cannot replicate it but, we would love to make something special and unique for you! If you’re curious about commissioning a custom jewelry piece, send us a quick email using our inquiry form to begin the conversation. We look forward to making you something special, too!


Zora’s Sapphire And Gemini Inspired Engagement Ring

Zora Sapphire Zelda Gemini Top View By Takayas Custom Jewelry

Peter saw  Takayas’ Song of Healing Zora Sapphire Zelda-inspired engagement ring and decided to make a very special engagement ring with a personal flare for his girlfriend, Tisha. He asked that somehow Takayas craft the astrological sign, Gemini, into the band of the ring.

Zora Sapphire Zelda Gemini Perspective View By Takayas Custom Jewelry

Takayas played around with the Gemini symbol, creatively stylizing the zodiac sign to better compliment the curved forms of the Zora centerpiece.

Zora_Sapphire_Zelda_Gemini_Side_View By Takayas Custom Jewelry Zora_Sapphire_Zelda_Gemini_Front_View

Was Peter satisfied?

“As for Takayas, I would say that they did a great job of realizing my thought and ideas into a sleek and stylized design. I was a bit worried about doing this sort of purchase online, but they were incredibly responsive with all of their emails and kept me updated every step of the way.”

We enjoyed working with Peter as well and taking on the challenge to create a ring he would be proud to offer to his future bride! With Christmas right around the corner, December is the perfect month for setting up a romantic proposal. For a beautiful, truly custom-made ring for your loved one, send us the details of your dream ring using our inquiry form to begin the conversation. We would love to work with you to make your proposal just right.


Metal Gear Inspired Engagement Ring: FOX & Lilies

Metal Gear inspired engagement ring - FOX & lilies - by Takayas Custom Jewelry - main imageAlvin contacted Takayas to make a very special engagement ring for his girlfriend, Aryn, based on her all-time favorite video game series: Metal Gear. He knew from the beginning that he wanted to include the FOX Unit emblem and lilies, I’ll let Alvin describe the reason for the specific symbolism he chose:

“One of her favorite characters throughout the series is The Boss, who helped co-found the FOX unit and is known as “The Mother of Special Forces” in the game.  The Boss’ character has a tragic backstory, and the lilies that adorn the ring hold a particular meaning to her.  I felt that they added a nice flair to the ring, while also including symbolism for those that are aware of the games.  The golden fox around the diamond is the symbol of the FOX unit, and has been used as the logo for the game’s production studio as well as for Solid Snake’s symbol when choosing him in the Super Smash Bros series, another game series we love to play.”

lily inspiration image for Metal Gear inspired engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry

lily inspiration

The challenges Takayas faced when creating this ring were how to incorporate the FOX Unit emblem without making the ring too bulky or masculine, and where to place the lilies without covering the details of the fox or making the overall design too large. After playing with wider and narrower versions of the fox, and different placements of the lilies, both Takayas and Alvin were very happy with the final design. And, although the ring was originally planned to be all-white gold, because Takayas showed one version of the renders with the fox in yellow gold to make it easier to see, Alvin decided he preferred the two-tone version which became the finished piece.

CAD renderings of Metal Gear inspired engagement ring - FOX & lilies - by Takayas Custom Jewelry - top view

CAD rendering – top view

CAD renderings of Metal Gear inspired engagement ring - FOX & lilies - by Takayas Custom Jewelry - side view

CAD rendering – side view (all the points and edges get softened in the finishing process)

Aryn ended up loving her special ring! Alvin presented it in a very cool way, too. I’ll let him describe his proposal surprise:

“Aryn and I often go to gaming and anime conventions together, so during our annual trip to PAX Prime/West in Seattle I made plans to propose to her.  During what she thought was a cosplay photo shoot at the top of the Hilton downtown, I got on one knee and surprised her with the ring. After a double-take of disbelief, she said Yes and our friends came out of their hiding spots to celebrate with us. Aryn still cannot stop glowing about the ring, and she loves how special and unique it is.  The intricate design and details show how much time and effort were put into making it.”

photograph of Metal Gear inspired engagement ring - FOX & lilies - by Takayas Custom Jewelry - top view

photograph of finished ring

“Working with Takayas has been great.  He was very professional and patient with me, as we worked together via email to find the perfect design for us.  His correspondence was always prompt, and he was able to give excellent suggestions to help with the look and feel of the ring.  His expertise has been valuable in making this a wonderful experience with a ring that she will cherish forever.”

We enjoyed working with Alvin too, and loved making a ring that Aryn will cherish! If you’re getting ready to propose, or want to gift yourself with a special ring you’ve been dreaming about, send us the details of your dream ring using our inquiry form to begin the conversation. We would love to work with you, too!


Yin-Yang Kingdom Hearts Inspired Wedding Rings

Yin Yang Oblivion Oathkeeper Kingdom Hearts inspired wedding rings by Takayas Custom JewelryWe first worked with Jefferson to create a special Kingdom Hearts inspired engagement ring for Maria, and the (now happily married) couple asked Takayas to create their unique wedding rings as well!

Jefferson provided such wonderfully detailed feedback about the inspiration behind their rings and the entire custom process, the majority of this blog post will be in his own words:

Working with Takayas was a blast. He can literally take your imagination and make it into a reality. The first time working with him was when I reached out to him to create an engagement ring for Maria. I had this perfect idea for a Kingdom Hearts paopu fruit ring. After researching some of Takayas’ past rings, I knew that Takayas had to be the one to make it. He took what I imagined and made a beautiful ring that incorporated both a paopu fruit and the Oathkeeper keyblade (with the diamond placed in the center of the paopu fruit). After I proposed to Maria (she said yes!), Maria and I already knew that we would want to go back to Takayas for our wedding rings :)

We wanted to have rings that are still inspired by our most favorite video game series, Kingdom Hearts. We also wanted to incorporate balance and harmony because that is how we feel about our relationship. We balance each other out and we fit together like a puzzle piece. What one’s weakness is, is the other one’s strength, and we continue to live life helping one another become the best and happiest person one can be. A powerful symbol of balance and harmony is the concept/symbol of yin-yang.

yin-yang-inspiration-imageThe battle between light and dark is one of the strongest concepts in the game. We wanted to choose something from the game that used light and dark in a good way, rather than a clash. This would be the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades. Oathkeeper resembled “light” while Oblivion resembled “darkness”. Oathkeeper was superior in magic but weak in strength, while Oblivion was superior in strength but weak in magic. The player has the option to use the keyblades to save the universe… The keyblades were opposites of each other, but they balance each other out and worked in harmony. (The main character of the game is given these keyblades by two different characters who are his two best friends: one resembling a character of light, while the other resembling a character of darkness). All of the symbolism that can be found around these two keyblades were perfect for portraying yin-yang in our rings. There was also one more Kingdom Hearts concept we made sure to add to our rings: the “wayfinder”.


Since I had already used the paopu fruit idea on the engagement ring, I wanted to use something else this time around. The next best thing that I was able to think of was the wayfinder. The concept of the wayfinder is derived from the paopu fruit. To recap the paopu fruit, when two people share a paopu fruit together, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives no matter what. As for the wayfinder, it is a good luck charm that is made resembling a paopu fruit. One of the important characters of the game creates some wayfinders for her best friends to share and says this line: “Somewhere out there, there’s this tree with star-shaped fruit. And the fruit represents an unbreakable connection. So as long as you and your friends carry good luck charms shaped like it, nothing can ever drive you apart. You will always find your way back to each other. An unbreakable connection.” We decided to add a black wayfinder to the center of the groom’s ring and a white wayfinder to the center of the bride’s ring to further show contrast between the rings. We felt the symbolism of the wayfinder was the next best thing in resembling our marriage in which we will never lose our way from each other. We will always have an unbreakable connection that will forever bind us together no matter what.

So there it is! These are the reasons why we chose the Oathkeeper and Oblivion keyblades, as well as the wayfinder, for our wedding rings :] We trusted Takayas’ imagination, so we tried not to feed him too many ideas on how exactly we expected the rings to look like. We wanted to see what Takayas envisioned. And what he envisioned was amazing! The way that the Oathkeeper “hugs” Oblivion on the bride’s ring, and how the Oblivion “hugs” Oathkeeper on the groom’s ring is a creative way in portraying the yin yang symbolism. We love our rings so much, and we are so thankful for having Takayas help craft these beautiful pieces for us…

CAD wire frame rendering of Maria's ring

CAD wire frame rendering of Maria’s ring

CAD wire frame rendering of Jefferson's ring

CAD wire frame rendering of Jefferson’s ring

Takayas approached this project knowing he didn’t want to simply do a half-black-half-white design, he wanted to give Jefferson and Maria something truly special that would not be dependent on black and white coloring to portray the concept of yin and yang: dark and light intertwining, each with some of the other contained within.

Looking at Maria’s ring, you’ll see that the chain blade of the Oblivion is contained within the open blade of the Oathkeeper, like the dot of black contained within the white half of the yin-yang. The angel wing guards of the Oathkeeper emerge at the top of the ring, with the bat wing guards of the Oblivion beneath, as if you’re viewing a three-dimensional yin-yang on its side from the white half.

When you look at Jefferson’s ring, you can see that it’s the exact opposite of Maria’s, with the Oblivion keyblade emerging as the dominant design element while still containing the Oathkeeper elements. Takayas used black diamonds in his ring, and white diamonds in hers, further emphasizing the black and white concept with something more permanent than rhodium plating.

photo of Maria's finished ring

photo of Maria’s finished ring

photo of Jefferson's finished ring

photo of Jefferson’s finished ring

If you have a unique concept for a special piece of jewelry that you’d like to see brought to life by Takayas, send us a quick message using our inquiry form to get the conversation started. We look forward to hearing from you!


Final Fantasy XI White Mage Inspired Ring

Final Fantasy XI White Mage inspired ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry - main imageFinal Fantasy XI is an online multi-player role-playing game that played a huge role in Tiffanie and Mong’s love story.

Although they lived in different states, the (now married) couple found each other in the massive online world of FFXI. Tiffanie told us they played together for about 3 years before they met in person, and continued playing together for the next 5 years.

Since they credit the game with bringing them together, it makes perfect sense that Tiffanie wanted a custom engagement/wedding ring based on her FFXI White Mage character.

inspiration image provided by client: a custom FFXI White Mage Light Staff made by Volpin Props, referenced by Takayas for creating a custom ring

inspiration image provided by client: a custom FFXI White Mage Light Staff made by Volpin Props

For style reference, Tiffanie provided an image of a criss-cross diamond pave ring with a halo setting, telling us she didn’t want anything fancy like that and suggesting that the diamonds on the band be replaced with a White Mage inspired pattern with a single diamond in the center. She added that she works in a laboratory and would prefer a simple low-profile setting because she was nervous about damaging her ring at work.

Tiffanie also provided a few White Mage reference images, and Takayas was most inspired by the White Mage’s staff. He referenced the silhouette of the diamond pave ring she liked, creating a pattern based on the White Mage’s staff for the shoulders of the ring and a low-profile claw setting inspired by the way the ball is held in the staff. He felt that criss-crossing the two parts of the shank would detract from the organic symmetry of the White Mage pattern so, instead, opted to have them meet at the sides of the center stone and echo the curves of the staff.

CAD rendering of Final Fantasy XI White Mage inspired ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry - perspective view

CAD rendering – perspective view

CAD rendering of Final Fantasy XI White Mage inspired ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry - side view

CAD rendering – side view

When Tiffanie received the finished ring, her reaction couldn’t have been better:

“My fiancé and I love the ring! It’s exactly how I wanted it. I can’t stop admiring it on my finger! Working with Takayas has been a great experience. He has a great eye for beauty and such a creative mind for designing jewelry!”

Tiffanie and Mong are now married and we wish the happy couple many many more years of fun and adventure together!

Custom Final Fantasy XI White Mage inspired ring on Tiffanie's finger in photograph from Tiffanie and Mong's engagement shoot

photo of Mong and Tiffanie from their engagement shoot