Sailor Moon and Dr. Who Inspired Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry, with Sailor Scouts inspiration image backgroundKevin contacted us with an idea to create a special engagement ring based on two of his girlfriend Emily’s favorite things: Sailor Moon and Doctor Who. He wanted to keep it simple and low-profile, incorporating the individual colors of the Sailor Scouts and a blue stone for the Doctor’s TARDIS.

Kevin also mentioned that Emily wasn’t a huge diamond fan, so a center diamond wasn’t necessary. Other than that, Kevin told us he didn’t have a super clear idea of what he wanted the ring to look like and was curious to see what Takayas would come up with.

Sailor Scouts and Doctor Who inspiration images for custom engagement ring by Takayas

Sailor Scouts and Doctor Who inspiration images

After considering all of Kevin’s requests, Takayas created an elegant split shank design inspired by Sailor Moon’s tiara, with a TARDIS blue sapphire nestled in the tiara’s crescent moon.  Within the shape of the moon itself, Takayas set small colored stones to represent the main Sailor Scouts:  pink sapphire for Sailor Moon, blue sapphire for Sailor Mercury, emerald for Sailor Jupiter, ruby for Sailor Mars, and orange sapphire for Sailor Venus, with a small diamond in between each to allow the individual Scout colors to stand on their own.

CAD rendering of Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired engagement ring by Takayas - perspective view

CAD rendering

CAD wire frame rendering of Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring by Takayas - top view

CAD wire frame rendering

When Kevin saw the renders of his ring, this was his reaction:

“Oh wow is all I can say, it turned out more gorgeous than I had pictured in my head, the shape of the tiara was a VERY nice touch, I’m blown away at how pretty it is.  She is gonna LOVE it!!”

Of course, the true test of a custom engagement ring is the reaction of the recipient. We always love when clients follow up to share their proposal stories, and Kevin’s is magical:

“It was Dec 04, 2017 we were on our vacation to Disney World in Orlando Florida.  We had just eaten breakfast with her mom and were in the Magic Kingdom.  We were walking toward the castle and it was pretty crowded but, right when it was the perfect distance away so we could get pictures with all the spires, there was a break in the crowd.  This was my chance! I suggested we take some pictures while the crowd was parted. First, I got a picture of her and her mom with the castle in the background. Then, I set my phone to video mode and had her mom record the proposal.  We got in close and I said to her, “You have made these last 5 years of my life so very magical, so I have a question for you.”  I then got down on one knee and asked, “Would you do me the pleasure of making the rest of our lives just as magical?”  She of course said yes, and absolutely LOVED the ring.”

Kevin proposing to Emily at Disney World with a custom ring by Takayas

Kevin proposing to Emily at Disney World

She said "Yes!" The custom Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring is now at home on Emily's finger.

She said “Yes!” The custom Sailor Moon and Doctor Who inspired ring is now at home on Emily’s finger.

We are so happy for Kevin and Emily and wish them a magical life together!

If you have an idea for a special jewelry item, even if you don’t know exactly what you want yet, simply use our inquiry form to begin the custom conversation and we will be happy to help bring your dream to life!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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