Kingdom Hearts Divine Rose Keyblade Inspired Ring

photography of custom Divine Rose keyblade inspired engagement ring by Takayas, with inspiration image backgroundChris proposed to Michelle with a simple gold band during a magical vacation at the Disneyland Hotel for her birthday, and she said “Yes!” As soon as the happily engaged couple returned home, they contacted us with a rough idea of what they wanted for Michelle’s special engagement ring.

“We knew for sure we wanted something unique that had special meaning to us, so after browsing through all of the examples of Takayas’ work it was an easy choice.”

After seeing some of Takayas’ other custom Kingdom Hearts inspired rings, they decided to request a custom ring based on the Divine Rose keyblade from Kingdom Hearts 1.5.

Inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast, Michelle’s favorite Disney story, the Divine Rose keyblade is arguably one of the most beautiful weapons in the game. With its stained glass handguard, purple blade, and a rose blossom that serves as the keyblade’s “teeth”, it’s truly lovely. Or, as Michelle said, “It’s the perfect balance of beauty and strength”.

Divine Rose keyblade inspiration image

Divine Rose keyblade inspiration image

Takayas studied the Divine Rose keyblade, reworking it in his mind to determine how best to use the various elements in the couple’s special ring design. Since Chris and Michelle had requested the stained glass element be represented with a variety of colored gemstones, Takayas wanted to make sure the design was strong enough on its own not to be overpowered by all of the colors.

CAD rendering of Kingdom Heart's Divine Rose inspired keyblade by Takayas Custom Jewelry

CAD rendering

He decided that the stained glass handguard would serve double duty as stylized “prongs” that hold the amethyst center stone, while also being a decorative element for the shoulders of the ring with colored gemstones representing the colors of the stained glass.

Rather than continuing the keyblade down the sides of the ring (which would put the rose near the bottom) Takayas placed the key’s rose between the handle’s leaves, with the thorny stem from the blade curving down the shank. He also set a small ruby in the center of each rose to represent the flower’s pinky-red color.

photograph of Kingdom Hearts' Divine Rose keyblade inspired engagement ring by Takayas

photograph of finished ring

“We couldn’t be happier with how the ring turned out. The amount of subtle detail and care that went into its design is something we’ll cherish and be able to show off for the rest of our lives.”

We truly enjoyed working with Chris and Michelle and are so happy they love their finished ring! If you have a special design idea in mind, let us know. We would love to create your dream ring, too!

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