Gemmy Spider-Man Inspired Engagement Ring

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - main imageWe conclude our three-part Spider-Man ring series with this lovely gemmy design!

Like our Celtic Spider-Man Ring, featured in issue #2 of our blog series, this version was also inspired by our very first Spider-Man Ring

Jason contacted us when he discovered our original Spider-Man Ring on Pinterest, wanting to know if we could create something similar for his girlfriend, Annmarie, since her favorite Marvel character just so happens to be Spidey and he was getting ready to propose.

He loved the concept of Spider-Man’s hands shooting webs toward the center stone, and wanted to keep that element in his design, along with blue and red gemstones to represent the superhero’s classic colors.

To keep both designs unique, Takayas flipped Spidey’s hands over so that the webbing would create a cool under-gallery for the stones. He also rendered the design to show Jason two different options for his side stone selection: either princess-cut rubies with smaller round blue sapphires, or princess-cut blue sapphires with smaller round rubies.

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas CAD rendering - front view

CAD rendering showing the webbed under-gallery

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas CAD rendering - top view of blue-red option

CAD rendering of blue-focused option

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas CAD rendering - top view of red-blue option

CAD rendering of red-focused option

Jason gave it some thought and ultimately decided that the larger accent stones should be blue, since blue is a color that both he and Annmarie love.

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - angled front view

Photograph of finished ring (the fine lines on Spidey’s hands were hand-engraved in the finishing process)

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - side view Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - angled side view

Jason decided to propose to Annmarie with her special Spidey ring while they were visiting sunny Anaheim, California for a YouTube/video creator event. (In case you hadn’t already guessed, she said “Yes!”)

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - she said yes

She said “Yes!”

We always love hearing what the recipient of a custom commission thinks of the design that was created specifically for them, especially when it’s a surprise so, we were so happy to get this message from Annmarie:

“It’s gorgeous and looks like a pretty normal but unique ring at first glance, but the geekery is hidden in the details on the sides of the ring. It makes the ring feel that much more special knowing that we know these meaningful and geeky details are there, but anyone just glancing at it won’t immediately notice it. It creates an extra surprise for when it’s found and noticed. I’m also a sucker for symmetry and the choice of the three different stones being in three different sizes is really pleasing to look at and catches the eye, making the design stand out so much more. I haven’t been able to stop looking at and admiring the ring since he proposed.”

Jason also added his own testimonial about his experience creating this special ring with us:

“Working with Takayas has been great, he is very knowledgeable about the process, the different possible metals and stones and that was great for someone who knows almost nothing other than what colors and what I am interested in, but not what what is entailed in the process. It was great working with Takayas and the team!”

We really enjoyed working with Jason too, and look forward to making this lovely couple’s unique wedding rings in the future!

Gemmy Spider-Man engagement ring by Takayas - happily engaged couple

Annmarie & Jason

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