“Destinies Become Intertwined” Kingdom Hearts Wedding Bands – Part 2

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas main image

Last week, we shared a special Kingdom Hearts inspired wedding ring that was made for our returning client, Sabrina. This week, we reveal her soon-to-be husband’s wedding band!

Robert’s custom wedding band is based on the Oblivion keyblade, which is often paired with the Oathkeeper (the keyblade inspiration for Sabrina’s matching wedding ring.)

Oblivion and Oathkeeper keyblades from Kingdom Hearts, inspiration for custom wedding rings by Takayas

Oblivion and Oathkeeper are often wielded together. Oblivion represents darkness and Oathkeeper represents light; together, they represent balance, similar to the dark-light balance of yin and yang.

At the center of both wedding bands is the Paopu Fruit charm from the Oathkeeper keyblade, as Sabrina requested, inspired by the Kingdom Hearts legend that says, “If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They’ll remain a part of each other’s lives no matter what.”

Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder inspiration image for Takayas Custom Jewelry wedding ring

The Oathkeeper’s charm, Kairi’s Wayfinder, is sewn together from Thalassa Shells to represent the star-shaped Paopu Fruit.

The challenge of this project was to create a pair of wedding rings that looked like a matched set and yet captured the personality and style of Sabrina and Robert respectively.

As with Sabrina’s ring, elements of the keyblade are mirrored on either side of the centerpiece, which helped tie the two rings together.

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas wire frame CAD rendering angled side view

wire frame CAD rendering

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas CAD rendering side view

realistic CAD rendering

The Oblivion’s bat wing hilt guard and bottom of the keyblade frame the Paopu Fruit charm, while the chain blade forms the rest of Robert’s ring. Finally, blue sapphire accents represent the blue-violet gem in the Oblivion’s hilt.

Kingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas angled top down viewKingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas angled side viewKingdom Hearts Oblivion Wedding Ring by Takayas top down view

We truly enjoyed working with this lovely couple again and wish them a beautiful future together!

Kingdom Hearts Oathkeeper and Oblivion Wedding Rings by Takayas

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