Zelda Wind Waker Inspired Zora Engagement Ring

Legend of Zelda inspired Zora's Sapphire engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry features the Windwaker wave pattern on the band

This custom 14K Zelda inspired Wind Waker Engagement ring we created for Cecy and Eric features a different spin on the Zora’s Sapphire Spiritual Stone.

When Eric was ready to propose, he reached out to us to design a sapphire engagement ring that incorporated a water theme from the Legend of Zelda series.

He was a fan of our previous Zora ring from our Spiritual Stone Collection, but for his ring, he wanted to create a custom sapphire centerpiece with a more literal interpretation of the Zora’s Sapphire design in the game.


Cover art from The Wind Waker


Zora's Sapphire

Screenshot of Zora’s Sapphire


Sample Images of the sail on Link’s ship

For reference, Eric supplied several sample images of different Legend of Zelda water elements including screenshots of Zora’s Sapphire from the Ocarina of Time as well as the wave pattern from The Wind Waker cover art.

Rather than do a standard engraving on the band for the wave pattern, Takayas 3-D printed and casted the wave pieces separately and soldered them on top of the band to add a little dimension to the design. The waves also taper with the band.


Designing the ring in CAD


To transition the band to the Zora centerpiece, Takayas added the Wind Waker symbol from the sail of Link’s ship on either side of the Zora.

For the Zora’s Sapphire, Takayas modeled it to look less rounded and more angular like the Zora in the game. Eric also liked a two-tone metal look so Takayas casted the Zora setting in 14K yellow gold.

Lastly, Eric also requested accent diamonds to add a little traditional engagement ring sparkle,  so Takayas set an accent diamond in the center of the Zora as well as two accent diamonds on either side.

zora-sapphire-zelda-engagement-ring-takayas zora-windwaker-wedding-ring-takayas legend-of-zelda-zora-engagement-ring-takayas

Congratulations Eric and Cecy on their engagement, and best of luck with all of the wedding planning!

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