Final Fantasy VII Emerald Sephiroth Engagement Ring

We loved creating this custom Sephiroth inspired engagement ring for Andrew and Kristie. It’s hard to believe that Final Fantasy VII was released 19 years ago!

Sephiroth black angel wing silhouette with Final Fantasy emerald engagement ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry

Andrew’s idea for the ring design was to use an emerald center stone with Sephiroth’s wing on one side and his Masamune on the other side.

Rather than use a traditional prong setting, Takayas used the sword’s guard to form one side of the emerald’s setting in order to highlight the traditional Japanese-style grip.


Sample image of Sephiroth's wing

Sample image of Sephiroth’s wing

designing-sephiroth-wing-section sephiroth-ring-in-progress-design sephiroth-ring-design-in-progress3

The other side of the setting was a little more challenging because of both the unique angle of the wing and all of the individual feathers Takayas used to  secure the center stone.

Setting the emerald center stone

Setting the emerald center stone

Emeralds can be a notoriously difficult stone to set, but thankfully, everything went smoothly without a hitch!

He casted the whole ring in platinum, and as a last step, he plated the wing section with black rhodium to give it its rich slate color.

emerald-black-rhodium-sephiroth-ring-takayas final-fantasy-emerald-sephiroth-engagement-ring-takayas


Congratulations to Andrew and Kristie on their engagement, and thank you again for letting us share your story! We couldn’t have asked for a more fun project.

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10 Responses to : Final Fantasy VII Emerald Sephiroth Engagement Ring

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  2. Andrew Stolt says:

    Can I get one of these somehow??

  3. Sophia Bloom says:

    I was born May 31st. My birthstone is Emerald. That ring is beautifully made. I Love final fantasy. I Love Sephiroth!!!!!
    How can I get a ring made like this?!?!?

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  6. Francesco says:

    How much price???

  7. Joey Zamora says:

    How can I get my hands in one of these beautiful ring?

  8. Kenny Carroll says:

    Can you please email me how to purchase one of these? Also if it is possible to change the stone or not. thank you for your response.

  9. Wow, what a beautiful piece. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Reason 1. I have been a Sephiroth girl for 20 years now. 2. Emerald is my birthstone. 3.I always,… ALWAYS wanted a ring made of platinum and rhodium. I have always loved the idea of having a ring of platinum or of a meteorite type metal.

    So, wow, Holy Cow, someone put all of my passions into ONE ring?

    I don’t give praise often, but to you sir, you made a ring I had dreamed in my imagination REAL.


    God Bless you and thank you for your creations! <3

  10. Tallal says:

    Great work of fantasy art!

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