Dahlia and Blue Topaz Floral Engagement Ring

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We created this 14K white gold and blue topaz engagement ring for Raleigh and Jennifer using the Dahlia flower as the design basis.

Raleigh was wonderful to work with because he was attentive to detail when specifying his design vision, but he was also flexible when it came to the creation process. He requested that he ideally wanted to use the Cameo variety as the design foundation, but he left everything else open to Takayas’s interpretation.

Dahlia Cameo variety sample image that Raleigh supplied

Sample image of the Cameo flower variety that Raleigh supplied

Designing the petals

Designing the petals

Because of all of the layers of flower petals in the Dahlia flower, the initial design started to become very bulky due to the sheer quantity of metal required to create the petals.

So instead, Takayas refined the design using a silhouette cut-out shape for the petals in order to capture the depth and details of a real Dahlia without having all of the heaviness of solid metal petals.


Cleaning the rough casting of the flower petal layers


Setting the topaz center stone

We used a simplified band design with very clean lines to keep  the eye’s focus to the flower centerpiece. The band is also slightly wider in order to balance out the flower diameter as well as structurally support all of the petals.


Many congratulations to the newly engaged couple, and thank you for letting us share your story!

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  1. It’s such a beautiful ring!!

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