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  • League of Legends Heartseeker Ashe and Sapphire Poro Ring

    September 29, 2016 Colored Gems, Geek 2 Comments

    This week, we’re very excited to share this League of Legends inspired custom commission. The platinum ring’s primary design was based on Heartseeker Ashe, but per our customer’s request, we also subtly worked Poro horns into the sapphire’s setting. The shank is built from the Heartseeker character skin’s bow and arrow. For the setting, Takayas formed the prongs holding…

  • Dahlia and Blue Topaz Floral Engagement Ring


    We created this 14K white gold and blue topaz engagement ring for Raleigh and Jennifer using the Dahlia flower as the design basis. Raleigh was wonderful to work with because he was attentive to detail when specifying his design vision, but he was also flexible when it came to the creation process. He requested that he ideally…

  • Alexandrite and Pear Diamond Engagement Ring


      Discovered in the early 1830s and named after Alexander II, Czar of Russia, alexandrite is a very rare color changing form of chrysoberyl. In daylight, alexandrite’s color takes is a pretty shade of blue-green, and in incandescent light, it can take on a more purple-red. Due to their scarcity, natural alexandrites are incredibly…