Rabbit-Tiger Sapphire Wedding Rings


These sapphire and 14K gold wedding rings were a truly enjoyable project because it was a fun challenge turning Benjamin and Carrie’s rabbit-tiger idea into a wearable reality.


They supplied illustrator and designer Haley Mortensen with their original concept, who then worked with them to create the initial drawings. It took a few different iterations of poses, but Hailey captured the energy of the animals into a design style that they loved.



Takayas then modeled their rings using CAD, taking care to try to match the original illustration as much as possible while still making sure the rings would be functional.

The rabbit-tiger area was only 4 mm large, so like most detailed rings, the biggest difficulty was preserving all of the intricacies of the animals during the assembling and cleaning process.


The space in between the rabbit and tiger was purposeful in order to leave room for potential re-sizing in the future. The 14K yellow gold checkerboard pattern is only 0.3 mm tall so that it would add depth to the design but still feel comfortable to wear.


The collaboration was a fantastic experience, and we couldn’t ask for nicer customers. Warmest wishes to the newlyweds!

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